Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're Not The Only Yankees Fans Who Didn't Catch The End Of Last Night's Game

"I thought the game was over, so I pointed the camera down. Who would have thought..."

Video from the game:

Text from the comments of last night's post:
My dad was listening to the game on WCBS in his bedroom while I was watching the game on YES on the living room TV. When A-Rod thrust his bat down, my thumb was poised over the power button on the remote control. Just when I was about to shut the TV off, my dad started yelling from his bedroom. Because of the TV delay, he had already heard Castillo drop the ball while I waited anxiously to see what had happened.

If he hadn't yelled just then... -shudders-
I was sitting by an obnoxious Mets fan at the game. As soon as the ball was popped up, he thrust his hands in the air, turned his back to the field and started taunting everyone. Needless to say, that didn't work out too well for him.
Why not:
My brother and I were at the game and he had his back turned, heading up the steps to leave. A lot of people inside the Stadium missed it also. You are not alone.
I was standing up - cursing A-Roid for being Mr. Non-Clutch - turned around ready to head up the stairs so I did not have to see F-Rod point to the heavens - and at least I got to hear "He Dropped It" in time to see Tex sliding into home plate!!! Lots of people left early - can't wait to catch it on Yankee Replay!!
OK, so maybe we shouldn't feel so bad after all...
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