Friday, June 5, 2009

UPDATE: Weather for Yankees vs. Rays 6/5/09 - GAME POSTPONED, MAKEUP TBD

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UPDATE (5:00 PM): As you all probably know by now, the game has been canceled:


The New York Yankees announced that tonight's game between the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium is postponed due to rain and rescheduled for a date to be determined. Fans holding paid tickets for the June 5 game may use them for the rescheduled game between the Yankees and Rays to be played at a date to be determined, or exchange their paid tickets for any regular season game at Yankee Stadium within 12 months of the postponed game (subject to availability).

Due to limited availability for Yankees home games during the 2009 season, fans are highly encouraged to use their tickets for the rescheduled game between the Yankees and the Rays.

We still think the Yankees could have waited this one out, but what can you do? September is going to be grueling for the Yankees.

UPDATE (1:40 PM): Via Steve, from his Iphone:
So far the forecast is right on track. The heavy rain will continue through 6 PM. Rain will taper off to scattered showers after 7 PM with clearing by 9 PM. Winds will be from the northeast around 10 to 20 mph. Temperatures will range from the lower to mid 50's.

As for the state of the game, I would bet on a delay at least.

Well, today's weather seems to be a mess, with flooding rains overspreading the area throughout the day. With the AL East rival Rays coming to town (who have another trip to the stadium in September), it looks like the perfect storm for a Friday night rain out.

However, Steve from is here to give us some hope, even with the bleak forecast from most of the mainstream weather sources:
I have some bad and good news to share this morning for Yankee fans. Let's deal with the bad news right off the bat.

The bad news is that the weather conditions for this evening will be cool and raw with a persistent northeasterly wind through this evening. The good news is that the bulk of the heavy rainfall is expected to move through the region between 1 PM and 6 PM with rain tapering off from northwest to southeast thereafter. While I expect showers to linger through the expected game time (7:15 PM), the heaviest rain will be moving through eastern Long Island and out into the Atlantic. Winds will be from the northeast around 15 to 30 mph, producing a strong wind current in from right field. I think the winds will be strong enough from the northeast to over come any micro jet that would develop along the right field line with weaker wind speeds. Temperatures will be cool with game time temperatures in the lower to mid 50's. So basically, if you go to the game tonight bring a rain coat, a sweater, and patience cause I am betting on a delay at the least with them trying to play later in the evening. After all, they've done that in similar situations.

The best news of course is that the rainy and raw conditions will be a distant memory by Saturday and Sunday as clear skies and dry conditions can be expected. Winds will be light and variable through the weekend, which will have little if any impact on game conditions. Temperatures at the game times will generally range from the lower to mid 70's.
When first reading Steve's point about the Yankees having long rain delays at home so far this season, it didn't really resonate. After all, those decisions had to do with the fact that the teams weren't visiting again (Angels) or because they had huge crowds (Red Sox). In this situation, the Rays come back to town in September, and the teams have a mutual off day following that series. Seems like the perfect situation for a doubleheader. However, the Yankees just scheduled another doubleheader a game on their off day with the Angels for September 14, so it is unlikely that the Yankees will be able to play two in one week give up all of their off days in September, or at least they won't want to.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the stadium tonight, don't be so quick to write this one off as a rain out. Unless the Yankees want to have a doubleheader this weekend, they may have to wait out the rain this evening, and hope for the best.

Please check back throughout the day for any late-breaking updates, including cancellations or delays.
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