Friday, June 12, 2009

Previewing The Home Stand Ahead: Interleague Is Back!

The Basics
  • Dates: June 12 - June 18
  • Games: 6
  • Teams: 2
  • Night Games: 3
  • Weekend Day Games: 2
  • Mid-week Day Games: 1
Well, that run in first place was short-lived, huh? Last week we were celebrating the Yankees flag flying proudly atop Yankee Stadium. Today, the flag is back in its familiar second place position. The good news is that the cross-town rival Mets are coming to town tonight, which should quickly clear the air of the stench that was left behind by the Yankees futility in Boston. Both the Yankees and the Mets are coming off of disappointing series with their division rivals, so expect there to be a lot of tension in the crowd between New York fans rooting for different teams. The only other series in this home stand is against the Nationals. Unless Stephen Strasburg signs with the Nationals today and is in uniform by Tuesday, there isn't much that is compelling about those games. Maybe Adam Dunn will hit one into the upper deck in right field? That would be cool.


New York Mets @ New York Yankees Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)

Fri, Jun 12 at 7:05PM 4,000+ tickets from $41

Sat, Jun 13 at 4:10PM 6,000+ tickets from $48

Sun, Jun 14 at 1:05PM 7,000+ tickets from $25

Washington Nationals @ New York Yankees Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)

Tue, Jun 16 at 7:05PM 9,000+ tickets from $9

Wed, Jun 17 at 7:05PM 10,000+ tickets from $11

Thu, Jun 18 at 1:05PM 9,000+ tickets from $13

As would be expected, the Mets' first trip ever into the new Yankee Stadium has made for a hot ticket. The same cannot be said about the games against the Nationals. Mid-week games against the worst team in the National League will always result in stagnant ticket sales. If you scout out Craigs List and Stubhub during the day on Tuesday or Wednesday, you are sure to get tickets for $10.

In other ticket news - this may be a week old, but it is still interesting. Apparently, Governor Patterson had not yet reenacted the Eliot Spitzer law that allows for unlimited markups on secondary market ticket sales. In other words the law was in limbo, meaning that the previous law that only allows for a $2 markup per ticket was temporarily back in place. Last we checked, tickets were going for way more than $2 over face value on Stubhub for the Mets series. Stubhub spokesman Sean Pate had this to say in the NY Daily News article:
"New Yorkers have enjoyed an open and free market for ticket resale for the last two years which has seen average resale prices decline sharply," Pate said. "We have every confidence they will continue to do so once the governor has reviewed this legislation to continue the open resale marketplace for tickets."
On the other hand, constant Yankees-basher Richard Brodsky wanted the $2 rule in place to stay:
"The law is the law," Brodsky said. "They shouldn't be winking at it."
Ticket holders were left confused. The Yankees and Stubhub have a pretty solid deal in place, so it seemed unlikely that there was going to be a complete upheaval in the ticket scalping laws. Then again, Dick Brodsky has it in for the Yankees and has been lobbying like crazy to make life hell for the franchise.

This past Tuesday, Governor Patterson ended the drama and signed the ticket scalping law extension. We'll check back in 365 days when the extension expires...

(Thanks to Kevin [reg3835] for pointing us in the direction of the Patterson signing the extension update!)


We were thinking about skipping this section since Steve from is an avid Mets fan. Then we thought better of it, since rain is in the forecast, and Steve is a good guy! Here is what he has to say about this dreadful early summer weather, along with some words about the Subway Series:
What can I say, I love this upcoming series. There's nothing like Mets VS Yankees for me on so many levels, regardless the weather conditions, I'm always amped for my Mets to go up against the Yankees. I still remember the first Friday of the Mets/Yankees series where Dave Mlicki shocked the world, or at least Mike Francessa on WFAN.

Anyway, enough with my memories of old, back to the weather forecast! I wish I could say that clouds will clear, showers will end, and some actual summer conditions return to the New York City metro. However, then I would be dead wrong with the forecast.

For tonight, overcast skies and a northeasterly wind around 5 to 10 mph can be expected through the game time.. A risk of widely scattered and weak showers will remain over the Bronx throughout the game, but I don't think a postponement is in the cards. These showers will be on the light side. Otherwise, a cloudy and drizzly night can be expected. Temperatures will range from the mid 60's to mid 70's, but will feel like the 50's.

The stationary front will hang around the Bronx tomorrow afternoon as well with a better chance of scattered showers through the game. Once again, these showers will not be wide spread nor heavy, but may lead to a delay in the game from time to time. Winds will be light and variable. Temperatures will range from the mid 60's to possibly 70 degrees.

On Sunday, the stationary front will slide south of the Bronx by Sunday afternoon with a few scattered showers still lingering around the region. Overall though, partly cloudy to overcast skies can be expected with winds from the north around 5 to 10 mph. Temperatures will range from the lower to mid 70's for highs.

Through the rest of the home stand, generally the same forecast can be expected with variable cloud cover and a risk of showers each day. Temperatures will generally remain in the mid 60's to lower 70's for the games.

So, it looks to be another dreary home stand weather-wise. In other news, Steve is one "Go Mets" away from being persona non grata around these parts. Tread lightly, Steve. Tread lightly.

Stadium News and Notes
  • Bait and Switch?
BernBabyBern from one of our favorite websites, It Is High, It Is Far, It Is... Caught wrote in with the following tale:
Went to the new stadium last week, I'll be blogging a bit about it. One thing that got me a little upset was a it of a bait-and-switch the team is pulling. The $3 kids' hot dogs, which the team bragged so much about before the season, have apparently been taken off the menu, although the signs for them are still up. I went with my kid to get one in about the sixth inning, and was told they didn't have any. I said "Wow. Sold out already?" I was told no, the weren't carrying them anymore. "We stopped sometime after the first home stand. I guess they weren't selling well enough. They really need to take them off the menu board." But they were more than happy to sell me the $5 hot dog for my 6-year-old. So, there are approximately 1,000,006 food items for sale in that place and the ONE thing that gets taken off the menu within two months is the cheap kids' hot dog? Ugh.
We can't confirm that these $3 hot dogs have been pulled from the menu at most concession stands, but we do know that they still exist at the "Kids Cafe" cart. This cart is located in the corridor by the ticket sales booth, inside of the stadium, at the end of the great hall. Right around the corner from the fruit stand. Very easy to miss, and probably not an accident.
  • Staying Kosher
Last week, Rob Iracane, fellow Yankees fan from the great baseball site "Walkoff Walk," sent out a message to the Twittersphere, inquiring about the shawarma at the kosher cart at the new Yankee Stadium. We haven't yet tried this kosher food, but here are some photos of the cart in action, and of the prices (sorry for the blurryness):

  • Cheers and Jeers
Unlike last home stand, there are plenty of Yankees that have left themselves open to criticism. First, however, lets focus on the positive!

Cheers - Mark Teixeira - If there is one guy immune to any potential crowd abuse during this home stand, it is Mark. Can anyone say MVP candidate?

Jeers - The candidates for this one are seemingly endless. A.J Burnett continues to suck, home grown guys like Melky, Cano and Jeter are all on the interstate over the past week or two, and the bullpen is in shambles. However, the one guy who may experience a derisive welcome home is 2009 fan-favorite, Nick Swisher. Although he has been swinging the bat extremely well in June, his head seems to be elsewhere. There have been numerous fielding and baserunning gaffes, and it seems like he has lost his mental focus. That, combined with the recent Twitter-gate make Swisher most likely to be booed on this home stand.

Which Games We'll Be At

Stadium Insider dad wanted to make some of his season ticket money back, so we offloaded our Friday night tickets for a decent profit. Lets just say that both season ticket holders didn't agree to this philosophy. In any case, we'll be at the games on Sunday and Wednesday. There is a strong likelihood that Sunday's game will be the last one that Nick will be attending before he moves to North Carolina next weekend. Come and visit us in section 428, row 10. Parting gifts in the form of cups of beer will surely be accepted by both of us. On Wednesday, we're going to be all uppity in the Audi Yankees Club. What is a better treat for father's day than taking your pops for a $65, all you can eat dinner? If you're in the Audi Yankees Club on Wednesday, look for the people that have 10 helpings of the most expensive food. Good thing gluttony isn't some kind of sin or anything...

Special Shout-Out

This week's special shout-out goes to Heather, the best girlfriend that an obsessed sports fan/blogger can ask for. This blog, along with a barrage of sporting events on television tend to take some attention away from this fine young thing, but she sticks around and is always a source of love, affection and companionship. You may have noticed a lower volume of blog posts lately, and it has a lot to do with making a concerted effort to pay attention to the important things in life. Its the best for everyone this way.
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