Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whispers from the Yankee ticket office - Grandstand (upper deck) seats being held back for partial plan holders

As I have mentioned previously, there is a great ongoing message board thread at NYYFans about the New York Yankees season ticket holder relocation process.

According to a member over at NYYFans, the Yankees have been finishing up the full-season relocation process by soliciting partial plan holders to upgrade to a full season plan. Unfortunately, they are being informed that no Grandstand seats (formerly the "Tier Reserved") are left. According to reports, the "last few" rows of the Grandstand are being held back for the partial plan holders who have been on the sidelines thus far during the relocation process.

Where this leaves myself is still anyone's guess. I am a B-Plan holder with a seniority date of April 2005 and Old Yankee Stadium seats in Section 1, Row M. I have long been optimistic that my seats in the New Yankee Stadium would be somewhere in the infield, somewhat behind home plate, and in the Grandstand. As encouraging the news of seats being held back for partials is, I'm not sure enough are being held back to keep my location ideal.

According to season ticket holder reports, partial plan holders should receive their invoice sometime in January. It seems to be a daunting task, but as one astute ticket holder pointed out:
Would it be fair to assume that the 41, and two 20 game plans are going to be assigned from the same group of seats (since 41+20+20=81 games) They can essentially build a full season seat from combining these plans.

And then the remaining partials will be assigned from what's left after this?
(15+15+15+12+12+11=80 games with no opening day) and they will build a full season seat out of these plans as well?

THEN....what's left after this gets fought over by the public?
Makes perfect sense to me!

Feel free to report any personal experiences in the comments.

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