Sunday, January 18, 2009

What seats are left for partial plan season ticket holders?

As most people are aware, the Yankees are running behind in the season ticket holder relocation process. We are now entering the 2nd half of January and Full Season ticket holders and upgrades just finished the relocation process. 41 game and 20 game plans are next in line, but are there any decent seats left in the Grandstand? (Please note, this post is only referring to Grandstand relocation. I am speaking from personal experience and knowledge of my own situation, which is obviously in the Grandstand/Upper Deck - sorry to anyone reading this looking for information about relocation in other sections of the New Stadium).

There have been rumors that the last 3 rows in all Grandstand sections are being held back for partial plans. The Yankees ticket office has not gone on the record about this, but a quick look at RipOff StubHub should give partial plan holders some hope. If you take a look at the "odd number" games (first game of the season, third game of the season, etc.) which are the ones that 41 game plan holders receive, you will notice that StubHub has no inventory above row 11. Further, there is no inventory at ALL in sections 405,406, 407a/b, 408, 409, 432, 434a/b on StubHub - not a surprise considering outfield upper deck seats are the worst in any Stadium.

Don't just believe me - take a look for yourself at the Yankees 2009 ticket inventory on StubHub.

Also of note - it appears that all Bleacher seats are up for grabs on StubHub, so it appears those won't be available for partial plan season ticket holders.

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Anonymous said...

i am a 15 ticket plan holder...i hope there are still grandstand level seats left; if not i will try to get terrace or main level seats

Anonymous said...

in the bleachers it looks like that the right field bleachers are all the back rows while the left field bleachers are the front ones.

Anonymous said...

I am a long-time Partial Group season ticket holder, too. I just spoke with the ticket office and they claim that partial holders will be notified in February 2009 and given the chance to pick their seats/locations/etc.

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