Thursday, January 29, 2009

Derek Jeter: petty thief?

This used to be the sign that you would see on the walk from the clubhouse to the Yankee dugout, now it is the sign that you see on the walk of shame if you are one of Derek Jeter's many sexual escapades.

Take that, Torre! A-Rod may be "A-Fraud" but golden boy Derek Jeter is a THIEF!

As it turns out, Jeter likely had permission from the Yankees to take the famous sign with Joe DiMaggio's quote (pictured above).

For many years the male 18-24 demographic would clamor for the chance to see this famous sign up close and personal on the Yankee Stadium Tour. Now, the only chance you'll have is if you are in the FEMALE 18-24 demographic, with genes of Minka Kelly quality, on the Derek Jeter bedroom tour. How times change.

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