Friday, January 30, 2009

Jorge Posada LAUGHS at your lo-def stadium video screens

(Photo: WCBS 880)

Pictured above is a video test being administered on Thursday, January 29 inside of the new Yankee Stadium. As you can tell, that screen is huge. If it looks this great in photos, I can only imagine how impressive it is when you are at the game. As River Ave Blues noted earlier this week, don't expect to see in-game replays of controversial plays on that mammoth 58 by 103 foot screen - it is against MLB rules.

Be sure to check out all of the rest of the photos that WCBS 880 shot from inside of the stadium. There are even some photos from inside of John and Suzyn's radio booth, but we'll let the guys over at It Is High... cover that one!

For a change, the eye in the sky, Tom Kaminski is NOT responsible for these photos. We can only assume he is up there, watching like a hawk, waiting to snap some more impressive aerial photos.

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