Friday, January 23, 2009

Video galore! An interview with the Yankees PR guy and a virtual tour of the new Stadium!

Roxanne over at was on hand for the long-awaited move of the Yankee front office from the old Stadium to the new, and she even got a video interview with Yankee PR guy Jason Latimer:

No word yet on who had the honor of moving over the ghost of Scott Brosius.

In other news, this virtual tour of the new Stadium has been floating around - River Ave Blues hat tipped friend of the blog Joey H, so we will do the same. It is against Stadium Insider policy to re-post stuff like this that originated on other Yankee blogs, but this is too cool to pass up:

The one thing that caught my eye about the virtual tour was the plans for the site of the old Stadium. It appears that they will be replacing the fields that were stolen away from Macombs Dam Park in the footprint of the old Stadium. This is old news, but color me pessimistic about the speed that this transformation will take place. The Stadium isn't even being demolished until Summer 2009. When will those public ballfields actually be ready?

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