Monday, January 26, 2009

Pettitte comes crawling back, brings his dynasty prowess to the new Stadium

Word from the Yankees is that Andy Pettitte has signed a one year, incentive-sweetened deal that could earn him over 12 million. The base pay is around $6 million - a far cry from the $16 million that he earned last year and that his agents were sure he could get.

Perhaps Andy was on the sidelines watching the Joe Torre book drama unfold and realized how easily his Yankee legacy could be ruined? The franchise, his teammates and most importantly the fans of New York stood behind Andy during last year's PED fiasco, and he owed it to everyone to come back and be a piece of the puzzle in the quest toward World Championship number 27.

Andy Pettitte's distracting offseason prior to 2008 was likely a contributing factor to his 2nd half fade and should issues. As Yankee fans, we can only hope that Andy has been working out hard back in Texas (WITHOUT THE HELP OF ROGER CLEMENS), preparing for the 2009 season and let his agents deal with all of the drama of his next contract.

The important parts of the roster are now set. For the nostalgia crowd, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada will carry the dynastical torch to the New Stadium for position players, Mariano will represent the great bullpens of the 90's, and Andy Pettitte will represent the starting pitchers who toiled away to bring the City of New York 4 championships in 5 years.

80 days until the new Stadium opens its doors!

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