Thursday, January 29, 2009

B-Plan season ticket holders - check your mailbox tomorrow!

The day of reckoning is finally upon us - B-plan season ticket assignments for the new Yankee Stadium in 2009 are in the mail.

Early signs are not promising for B-Plan holders. We were welcomed with this message on today:
Overwhelming Demand for 41-Game Plans:

Due to overwhelming demand for 41-Game Plans, we strongly suggest that Licensees accept their initial seat assignment. The demand for 41-Game Plans will definitely exceed the available 41-Game Plan seat locations. Accordingly, any 2008 “B” Plan Licensees who have requested a 41-Game Plan seat assignment, but who do not receive one initially due to the current lack of availability, will be assigned a 41-Game Plan seat location, if any inventory remains, prior to the commencement of the 41-Game Plan pool process.
41 game assignment letter

I have a feeling there are going to be some disappointed Yankee fans tomorrow. Hopefully we here at New Stadium Insider make the cut.

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Anonymous said...

I got my email today. VERY unhappy w/ my location sec. 407 row 7. I was a Tier Box MVP 611 last year. Not sure If I will accept this PITIFUL seats!!

Ross said...

What year seniority do you have?

Anonymous said...

1999. I called the ticket office to complain and I was told I "better accept" if I want a seat. They said only seniority before 2003 we be guarented seats in all plans.

Anonymous said...

guaranteed...sorry lil tired and annoyed

Ross said...

Wow. That is terrible news for me.

I had Section 1, Row M in OYS with seniority of 2005.

I'm pretty sure this spells doom for me. What a nightmare.

Ross said...

Oh, and it is obviously bad news for you as well. The only silver lining is that you will pay a lot less money for tickets now.

BTW - there is a VERY active discussion about this over at NYYFans (I tend not to partake in those forums except for the relocation thread):

Anonymous said...

Checked my account. I was in 442 last season, now have 334 ROW 7 offered to me. Two words: THIS SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

Well Here is my story.. After reading this blog and checking the thread over at NYYFANS I started to get concerned about my former B plan with 2004 senority. I kept checking my account an I had a decline letter there but no invoice. So I decided to call the relocation office. I then explained the problem to the person at relocation. They said that they could not check my account due to computer problems and switched me to the main ticket office. I then spoke to John in the office and he explained to me that they were unable to offer me a 41 game plan and I Have been assigned A 20 GAME PLAN in section 106. Last year I had B plan in Section 321. I yhen went into panic mode. I then asked the rep what my alternatives were and he then began to check inventory. The guy was great, he found me a full season in Section 390 3rd row.($40 seats). He even looked around in other locations for me. This guy John was GREAT.SO I bit the bullet and upgraded to a full season. The only other seats that were availible in full season were way out of my price range. Also, he told me if I kept my 20 game assignment that maybee I would be upgraded to the 41 after the assignment process was over. I wasn't too optimistic about that so 81 games here I come. SO the moral of the story is if you have 2004 or later senority I would get on yhe phone ASAP

Gus said...

I had a flex plan since 05 i am hoping to get offered something this sucks . I may just have to buy a ton of tix from the secondary market i want to go to one game every series pretty much

Billygoat said...

I had infield Loge seats last year and was offered seats way out in the grandstand. I passed and will just buy tickets off stubhub. It will bealot easier and at least i can get seats in the infield/short outfield.

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