Friday, September 4, 2009

Standing Room Only Tickets Likely Not On The Way For The Playoffs

Earlier this week, we pointed out that tickets for the 2009 Yankees postseason will be reasonably priced, but hard to come by - especially for the general public. We also mentioned that Yankees fans shouldn't get their hopes up about the long-promised standing room only tickets bumping up the capacity for the playoffs.

While there have been rumors about issues with the FDNY permitting the sale of standing room tickets, a Yankees spokesperson insists that is not the case. "No standing room tickets [have] been sold - it remains a traffic flow issue. [It has] nothing to do with the FDNY." As of now, there are no plans to sell standing room only tickets for the playoffs, but the team is still keeping their options open. We wouldn't bet on it.

At a certain point, we are going to have to come to grips with the fact that standing room only tickets are not going to be sold any time soon and the capacity of the new stadium will always struggle to top 50,000. The flow of fans is definitely still an issue in certain areas of the stadium, especially the bleachers and the main level. However, the field level concourse is wide enough that fans can stand four or five deep and still get a decent view of the field. The Yankees can definitely sell a limited number of SRO tickets without worrying about clogging up the walkways. The view from section 120a is especially enjoyable, and we'd pay at least $25 to stand there during the playoffs.

If you are counting on standing room only tickets as your way into the stadium for the playoffs, you should probably prepare yourself with a plan B - namely,
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