Friday, September 25, 2009

Yankees Confusing Pre-Sale For 2009 Postseason Tickets Is Apparently Working Wonders

As we briefly mentioned in our ridiculously verbose "excuse for not posting post," the Yankees opted to try a different method of divvying up the limited postseason tickets available for partial plan ticket holders in '09. From reports we are hearing, it was largely a success.

Without getting too deep into the confusing details, there was what was dubbed a "preliminary pre-sale" this past Wednesday that allowed a small number of partial plan ticket holders (who won a free raffle) the opportunity to buy ALDS and ALCS tickets before anyone else. Keep in mind, the number of tickets available for these games were extremely limited. Full-season and half-season planholders received tickets to every game and the clubs gave out tickets to the MLB, etc. After the preliminary pre-sale people got their chance to buy a total of 4 tickets spread across the ALDS and ALDS, the rest of the partial plan ticket holders had their "pre-sale" this morning.

With a system this convoluted, it seemed like an outrage among frustrated partial plan ticket holders was inevitable. A casual onlooker would assume that the Yankees ticket office would have done due dilligence to provide fans the most fair system for postseason ticket purchasing, but savvy planholders were likely more skeptical. After all, it wasn't so long ago that the Yankees front office and ticket office botched the new stadium relocation and sent out typo-ridden memorandums (can't find a link to this anymore but it happened. Multiple times).

It turns out that the casual onlooker was right in this case. Reports that we have received about the pre-sales from hardcare partial plan ticketholders/NSI blog readers/Twitter users have been glowing:
Legendary23: omg...freaking both and will be standing next to @stadiuminsider behind home plate for both...see ya there

Muller1234@StadiumInsider i won that raffle to get tix weds i got game 2 CS and game 1 DS

yankeegirl049Icon_lock@StadiumInsider everyone I know got tix. I had a presale from my SI Yank package and got them within seconds.

jonsel@StadiumInsider Success here, although I thought it was restricted to 1 game total. I got tix to two games.

andrewtesta@StadiumInsider EPIC success. Great price, easy to buy. Props to the Yankees on this one.

leokitty@StadiumInsider I've never been so pleased with a Yankees presale. Easily got bleachers for both series.

DeanLand@StadiumInsider Re playoff tix. We're partial planholders. No luck in Wedn lottery but got great Game 1 seats in 2nd chance leftover bid.

trebleahead@StadiumInsider had good luck Wednesday in the preliminary pre-on-sale, despite a password issue early on
In reading the above, it seems that the Yankees have made the most of limited ticket availability. It also seems that Twitter working hard on killing proper syntax, but that is a story for another day. In honor of Twitter's "follow friday," if you use the social networking site, be sure to "follow" all of the great Yankee fans above.

As of late, it seems that Lonn Trost is working to save his job and has begun to hire competent people. The last few moves by the Yankees regarding tickets have been a success. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this continues going forward.
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