Saturday, September 26, 2009

Standing Room Only Tickets WILL Be Sold At Yankee Stadium For The Playoffs

We have very limited details at this point, but according to reports from a stadium employee, "cafe tables" are being installed at each standing room location on the field level of the new Yankee Stadium.

Throughout the 2009 season, savvy Yankee fans have been setting up shop directly behind field level "100's" sections and getting a great view of the action on the field. Below you will find a couple of photos we have snapped from these great standing areas:

On the one hand, tickets sold in these sections will give fans a better view than a large portion oft he seats in the stadium. On the other hand, standing the entire game definitely gets tiring, and it is hard to envision someone spending more than $50 per ticket to stand for an entire game.

As we mentioned, we have taken advantage of standing in these locations for most of the season, but it has been free. The success/failure of selling standing room tickets is going to depend largely on the pricing scheme. We also have some concerns about how security is going to ensure that only ticketed fans stand in the specified locations, but they have been alleviated by the reports of cafe tables being installed.

At the end of the day, this is good news for the stadium, as it allows more fans to pack in to the "new house" and see the important postseason games. It is disappointing for the hardcore fans who have enjoyed these locations for free during the entire season, but we all have to realize that selling tickets in these locations is the smart and fair decision. As soon as we have photos of the "cafe tables" we will post them on the blog.
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