Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Absence From The Blogosphere

Dear loyal readers,

Stating the obvious, this blog has failed at being a blog. We have long been believers in quality over quantity and that belief flies in the face of conventional wisdom regarding "how to run a successful blog." In the blogosphere, quality seems to be appreciated, but once a readership is attained, quantity retains them and good ol' quality is free to take a back seat. At a certain point, we decided that instead of forcing the issue, we would only post when the mood struck and we needed to let something off of our chest. In other words, the blog went back to being a hobby and stopped being a source of information.

In the past month, we missed the news about next year's Yankees tickets being the same price as in 2009, and in some cases, cheaper. We never discussed the ridiculously convoluted method of selling postseason tickets (pre-sales, preliminary pre-sales, pre-preliminary pre-sales, etc etc). There will certainly be some sob stories about loyal partial plan season ticketholders who will be left out in the cold once playoff tickets go on sale because of the decreased capacity of the new stadium. We'll probably miss the boat on that story as well.

Regarding the stadium experience, we have been sitting on some food-related stories - one discussing the sale of natural casing Nathan's hotdogs at Yankee Stadium (spoiler alert - they sell them, and they're $6 for a hotdog the same size as the $3 kiddie dog, but according to a foodie tipster, they are totally worth it). Another post we never wrote was one discussing a not-so-great experience at our beloved Audi Yankees Club (undercooked prawns, overcrowded seating areas, horrendous service).

The fact is, life got in the way of this humble little weblog that we created back in 2007, and in order to achieve the quantity of posts expected of us to continue growing, we would have had to badly hurt the quality and originality of our work. Some combination of new Yankee Stadium burnout, an increasingly stressful "day job," an engagement, writer's block and general apathy led to the downfall of New Stadium Insider as some of you knew it back from January - May 2009. Never have we appreciated the work of blogs like RiverAveBlues.com like we do today. Those guys plug away and continue to put out quality work day in and day out. Perhaps it is their "day job," but regardless of their circumstances, running a blog like that is no easy feat. Trust us on that.

We completely intend on owning a space in the interwebs for the foreseeable future, we just don't plan on outwardly marketing the space and seeking out growth opportunities. There are plans to reinvent the NYYStadiumInsider.com domain sometime in the new year (hopefully with a fresh, new design) and put NewStadiumInsider.com to rest - after all, the stadium won't be new forever! We would love for tipsters to continue to send us stories involving our Yankee Stadium niche, and when time permits, we will craft stories that we hope will take a unique angle on the Yankee Stadium experience. When bad weather strikes the NYC area on Yankee game day, you can bet that we will be obsessing over every radar and passing along the information to all of the google-directed passers-by who happen across NSI.

If you really love our opinions and ramblings, you can find us on Twitter, where we average 8,286 "tweets" per day (actually 45), mostly containing opinions on the current state of the Yankees. We also contantly tweet from the games and offer our witty commentary (did I call this a humble little weblog earlier?) in real-time. If you like New Stadium Insider and you like Twitter, you'll like to follow us on Twitter. It is that simple.

So there we have it. We're going back to being an unconventional, casual blog. We're not shutting down shop, but we're not making any promises about when and how often there will be new blog posts. We'd recommend using an RSS reader, adding our feed and never missing a new post again. You can also continue visiting the web version of the site and click on ads. If we can earn money for doing absolutely nothing, we'd greatly appreciate that as well.

In all seriousness, we'd like to thank everyone who made this site a smashing success this Spring, and we're sorry to have disappointed any of you by stepping away for a while. Back in April the site received nearly 100,000 page views - something we consider our crowning achievement. Never did we expect for our writings to reach so many sets of eyes and it really is flattering. To all of the fellow weblogs who have graciously linked to our posts ( specifically Deadspin.com, RiverAveBlues.com, Big League Stew, FackYouk, MetsPolice.com), thanks for helping to spread the good word. Without you guys, the only ones reading this site would be us, our girlfriends and our parents.

If you read this far, you should win a prize. Unfortunately, MLB will probably serve some kind of cease and desist if we offer one, so you are SOL.

For now, it is time to enjoy the Yankees' quest for championship No. 27.

Best regards,

New Stadium Insider
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