Friday, September 11, 2009

UPDATE: NSI Game Day Weather Forecast 9/11/09 - Jeter and The Yankees Set For A Battle With Rain, Orioles

Update (9/11 - 6:15 PM):

This comes via Steve of
The Bronx is currently between two bands of light to moderate rainfall. As the evening continues, these bands will lift north and west, eventually moving over Yankee Stadium. Expect periods of rain, on and off through the game with delays at times. No other changes in the forecast will be needed.

I think the Yankees will try very hard to get this game in no matter how long it takes.
Update (9/11 - 5:00 PM):

I'm no meteorologist like Steve, but the radar seems to be drying out:

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the game started without a delay. If you are a hardcore fan, you should head up to the stadium. If you don't care for sitting in very unpleasant weather conditions, stay home.

Update (9/11 - 2:30 PM):

Steve has checked in with an update, and it is BAAAAAAAAD news:
The coastal low is expected to now stall over central New Jersey through tonight, which is bad news for those going to the game tonight. Moisture is being driven right into the Bronx from the Atlantic at almost all levels of the atmosphere, which will keep the rain threat alive through tonight. As a result, waves of rain will continue to move into Bronx this evening, some of this rain will be heavy at times, which will likely make playing conditions very difficult if not impossible. The wind is also going to become an issue as a stiff easterly wind is expected to range from 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. This wind is going to blow in towards home plate, which will have a significant impact on any fly balls or pop ups. Temperatures will hold in the mid 60’s through the game.

Game Delay Potential: High: Waves of showers are expected over the Bronx this evening, which will lead to potentially long delays in the game.

Game Postponement: Moderate: Rain will be a constant threat through this evening and playing conditions are going to be significantly impacted. Logic will dictate that this game should be postponed, however the schedule may force the Yankees to find a way to play this game tonight as the one off day the Yankees did have will be used to play a rained out game against the Angels. So while the conditions clearly point to a postponement, the Yankees may have no choice but to find a way to play at least 5 innings before calling it a night.
Can't be much worse of an update than that.

This morning's post (with speculation about makeup dates) follows :

Thousands of people who swarmed StubHub for tickets following Jeter's record-tying single on Wednesday night probably don't want to hear this, but there is plenty of rain in this evening's forecast.

As always, Steve from is on hand to provide us with the pertinent details. The forecast seems grim, but Steve believes they'll play the game. We will update this post throughout the day if anything changes.
A strong coastal low will slowly exit the region by this evening, which will leave lingering showers over the Bronx through the game after a drenching rain that fell through most of today. Field conditions will be significantly impacted by the rainfall, however the heaviest rainfall will be finished by the start of the game. Winds will back from the east to the north around 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph, especially at the start of the game. Temperatures hold in the lower 60’s through the game.

Game Delay Potential: High: With a constant threat of showers rotating through the Bronx through at least 8 PM, there will be a high potential for scattered showers to produce a lengthy delay of game.

Game Postponement: Low: While conditions will not be best for baseball, I think that unless this storm unexpectedly stalls off the coast, that the steady rain will be over for the Bronx by the time the game starts. However, I am keeping the threat for a postponement at low (suggesting a possibility of postponement) due to the conditions of the field being significantly impacted from the heavy rain through the day.

Series versus O’s: Showers will continue to linger over the Bronx through early Saturday afternoon, however as the afternoon wares on, drier conditions can be expected. Temperatures on Saturday will range from the upper 60’s to lower 70’s with a north wind around 5 to 10 mph. On Sunday, high pressure will take hold with clearing skies, a northwest wind around 5 to 10 mph, and temperatures in the mid 70’s through the game.

Rest of the Home Stand: Strong high pressure will take hold by Sunday night and remain in control through Wednesday. Optimal playing conditions are expected for the remainder of the home stand.
Wind Direction This EveningWind Direction This Evening

If tonight's game is postponed, people who have spent hundreds of dollars on the secondary market to see Derek Jeter surpass Lou Gehrig on the Yankees hit list will be out of luck. The teams will have to make up the game since every Yankees game still has home field implications.

However, tickets for tonight's potentially postponed game would be valid for a makeup game which won't happen until Sunday at the earliest (FOX has an exclusive window on Saturday afternoon). There is a good chance that Jeter will have gotten a hit by then, meaning those people spent a lot of money to see a meaningless September game against the Orioles. Let's all just hope the rain ends in time for the game to be played this evening.
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