Monday, December 8, 2008

Does this mean I can easily report the idiot behind me that is booing A-Rod?

Via PRWeb we learn some more news about the ongoing modernization taking place at the new Yankee Stadium. GuestAssist by qtags will allow fans to text message customer service in the Stadium if any kind of problem arises. The shocking part of this is that there will be customer service in the new Stadium. Never heard of such a thing in the old Stadium! Essentially it is a text message version of twitter that allows fans to complain about things within a monitored system using their mobile device.

Read the press release linked above for some of the practical uses of this system, including a heartwarming story about a couple who drove hours to the game, only to find that they had left their tickets at home. Apparently GuestAssist was able to save their irresponsible asses. Below is apparently what the system looks like for the customer service representative monitoring it (thanks to 4G-WirelessEvolution for the example):

Anyone who knows me, knows that this is a dangerous tool to have at my disposal. I have a bad feeling that they are going to disconnect my access to GuestAssist before April is over. Lets just say my complaints will be a bit more specific and a bit less urgent.

Old smelly guy without deodorant in front of me? Thats a GuestAssist complaint. Yelling like an idiot about true Yankees and booing A-Rod? Damn right I'm texttle-telling on your ass to the fine folks at Guest Assist. Don't "take ya hat off" during God Bless America? Well, in that case, I probably won't be the one to text message GuestAsssist, but you better believe that some typical Yankee fan will.

Just imagine they had something like this in the old stadium?
Waiting in line 4 Chx Fingers 4 25 mins. FIX IT...
The dude next to me @ urinal just splattered pee on me
- give me sum dividers!
Woman pouring Fosters 24 oz beer chatting with bff vendor instead of serving beer. Waiting in line 4 almost 3 innings 4 beer.

Hot chocolate sold out before game even started. WTF?

Can't wait to try it out!

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