Friday, December 12, 2008

Yankee fans - Don't be surprised when AJ Burnett is hurt next year

Alex Rodriguez gets the best of Burnett here, but mostly A.J. has been a Yankee killer.

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick broke the news earlier today: A.J. Burnett (yes, unlike CC, he DOES like the periods between his initials) is your newest New York Yankee.

NYYSI has been and always will be against signing A.J Burnett to a long-term deal. Aside from the fact that he has questionable control, A.J Burnett is a MAJOR injury risk. Take a look at his stat sheet\. He has thrown over 200 IP 3 times in his career including last year. The previous two times, he came down with an injury the next year and was only able to start 4 games and 21 games, respectively.

A.J Burnett threw 221 innings last year - a career high by far. For us NOT to expect an injury would be setting ourselves up for disappointment. Brian Cashman typically is smarter than me, so I hope that is the case here as well.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your right that Burnett is a huge injury risk, but so is Beckett. Should the Red Sox get rid of him? Beckett has thrown 200 or more innings twice in his career also topping out at 204 innings. Beckett gets accolades because he's a big game pitcher in the playoffs which hides his injury history. Lets hope we can say the same about Burnett come OCT.

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