Thursday, December 18, 2008

Season Ticket Holders: Easily check the status of your relocation at!

Can't believe I didn't catch this sooner. The Yankees have a section of their website that provides periodic updates on the status of the season ticket holder relocation process for the new stadium.

The ticket office is currently making phone calls/sending packages out to FULL SEASON holders with a seniority date of August 2004. If you are a full-season ticket holder with a seniority date before August 2004 and you haven't received a call, you should probably initiate contact with the Yankees.

The long wait continues for B Plan holders like myself. This late in the game, installment payments are highly unlikely, so start saving that money!

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M-Rod said...

I spoke to my ticket representative this week about my B plan and she said to expect a call by the end of January. That was after they said it would happen at the end of October, then the end of November, then by the second week of December.

Leonora said...

I expect to hear about my Friday plan a day before the first Friday game.

Anonymous said...

I am a season ticket holder who is being offered seats and I am trying to figure out whether to accept them. My old seats were in M15, downstairs near 1st base. I am now being offered a choice between downstairs near the foul pole for $100 or upstairs a few sections shy of the foul pole for $60. I think I prefer the latter but, my question is: Is it worth it? From talking to the rep, I think the season is just about going to sell out completely to season ticket holders. So, supply and demand says that the prices should be high on StubHub. But, isn't there a limit? Will people really pay up for second rate seats? (Good seats are $325 face.) Or, have the Yankees raised prices so high that we season ticket holders will get stuck with tickets we can't use? Thoughts?

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