Friday, September 12, 2008

Yankee fans - I implore you to not make idiots of yourselves

The final Yankee Stadium homestand will commence tonight, and as we all know, the Yankees have a nearly 0 percent chance of making the playoffs. In New York, that means a booin'. Don't do it.

While these games are meaningless from a baseball standpoint, the world will still be watching because of the Stadium closing.

Don't make fools of yourself and boo every move that A-Rod makes and every bad thing that happens. Prove to the world that New York fans are not the same as Philadelphia fans. Enjoy the surroundings, enjoy the stress free atmosphere, enjoy the sport of baseball.

Finally, if you are still looking for tickets to the final games, don't believe the hype that they are COMPLETELY unaffordable. Just check out Craigs List regularly and something affordable will come your way.

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