Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 21, 2008 - A special night at the House that Ruth built that fell a bit flat

UPDATE (9/22) - I'd just like to add to this and mention that the post-game ceremony made up for ANY shortcomings in the pre-game ceremony. Jeter's speech was spot on and the "victory lap" was one of the classic moments in Stadium history. Kudos to the Yankees for getting THAT part right and letting the fans go home satisfied.

Without getting too wordy, here are some gripes I had with the ceremony at the Stadium tonight:

- The "ghosts" of the deceased players to kick off the ceremonies. Honestly, a corny Babe Ruth lookalike? That part just insulted my intelligence and the fans reacted appropriately - with disinterest.

- No representatives from the DiMaggio family. Why? They couldn't fly anyone in? Does he have no remaining family?

- No Donnie Baseball. OK, this was not the Yankees fault, but closing this ballpark just doesn't seem right without one last Donnie Baseball chant.

- Failing to acknowledge Roger Clemens' history with the franchise during the pitcher montage. I understand not inviting him, but to simply forget that he was a big part of the dynasty years and a member of the '07 team is really insulting to the fans of the franchise.

- Conveniently ignoring the historical managers in Yankee franchise history. The Yankees have had the likes of Miller Huggins, Joe McCarthy, Casey Stengel, and finally, Joe Torre. Anyone who believes this was anything other than a way to "stick it" to Joe Torre is kidding themselves. Joe Torre has a very distinct place in Yankee history and deserved to have at least a mention in this ceremony.

- Booing A-Rod when he appeared in a great third baseman video montage and the smattering he received during the starting lineup. Way to embarrass yourself, fake Yankee fans. Bravo.

Overall, the ceremony fell flat. There were some great moments sprinkled in; Willie sliding into second base, the return of Bernie Williams. However, in the end it reeked of Old Timer's Day redux. Perhaps the expectations for this ceremony were set a bit too high with the day-long coverage it received from the Worldwide Leader. The night will certainly go down as a special one in the history of "The House That Ruth Built", but not as memorable as I had expected.

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree, and i'm not even a Yankee fan! i hate the Yankees. i think they are all about money and wins, if not, you're useless! Torre should have been acknowledged, as well as the other items you mentioned! i was looking for something online about this, and was disappointed that he and others, as well as other "momements/memories" weren't mentioned. as much as i dislike them for many reasons i won't go into, i watched all day and saw the final game but was let down at the big moments that would have made this much better. shame on the Spankees!!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. what a waste to move when that ballpark is still functional. and it's not the original, it went under construction for two years, "refacing" all most all of it. ugh, this was a big let down. i am happy for Joe that he is in L.A. kicking ass, and i'm glad to see the Yankess suck again finally. i hope the Royals stomp on them after their new ballpark is built, i miss the games of the 70s and 80s which started my hatred for Yankees! mad props to all the legends, i respect them, and i adore Yogi, Lou, Jackson,etc. and all the other heros, but aside of the loyalty of Jetter, the rest are no better than any other team or player. gone are the days of legit talent and tradition!

Anonymous said...

Not honoring Torre was shameful shameful shameful. The fans in our section were appalled.
He was a fan favorite.
The ghosts of players past was silly.
The riot police was the slap in the face.
great game!!! til next year.

Anonymous said...

The BEST thing the Yankees did was distant themselves from Roger Clemens. Good ridance, and if he makes th HOF I hope he goes in a Red Sox, b/c that is what he is!!!Unless you talk to Suzan Walman. LOL

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