Thursday, September 4, 2008

Relocation questionnaire due in six days, still no relocation guide in the mail UPDATE

Update (9/9): The Yankees have issued an extension:
As a reminder, we are asking all Ticket Licensees to complete a Relocation Program Questionnaire, which can only be found at To assist you in this process, the deadline for submission of the Relocation Program Questionnaire has been extended from September 10, 2008 to September 14, 2008. If you have already submitted your Questionnaire online, please disregard this reminder.
For the record, I still haven't received the hard copy of my guide. Luckily I was able to read it online and filled it out right away.

UPDATE (9/7): Just a few days until this is "due" and I still have not received the relocation guide. Has anyone gotten it? Did mine get lost in the mail?

The new Yankee Stadium relocation guide has been live online for about a week now. Unfortunately, for those less internet savvy Yankee season ticket holders, the actual paper relocation guide has yet to arrive in the mail. This becomes a bit of a problem considering the due date for the "relocation questionnaire" (to be filled out online) is due on Wednesday, September 10.

I have filled out the questionnaire and it took about 5-10 minutes. Reading and deciphering the relocation guide was a far more tedious and time-consuming process and took me over an hour. The Yankees sent out an email to all season ticket holders last night, urging them to fill out the questionnaire. For those people not yet aware of the availability of the relocation guide on, this email must have been a bit confusing. I would have completely supported this entire process to be digital instead of wasting the money and resources in printing the paper guides. Everything is available online anyway. However, the Yankees have long announced the arrival of a relocation package in the mail, so season ticket holders are waiting.

Like everything else that the Yankee ticket office does, this relocation is already being botched. There will be a lot of angry season ticket holders who are away or otherwise unable to fill out the questionnaire this week with such little notice. If they don't fill it out before September 10, they lose any small bit of leverage that filling out the questionnaire provided.

A due date extension would make the most sense, especially since the ticket office won't be busy too busy with playoff ticket sales this September and October.

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We agree about the tedious process of figuring out what you are requesting. We posted our guesses as to which sections fall in each pricing category and matched it up to the seating chart you had posted elsewhere. Hope this helps:

Anonymous said...

Got my relocation packet in the mail on Saturday 2 days after my buddy got his. the online quetionaire is due on the 10th so hope you get yours soon

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