Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Curt Schilling's inane babble hits an all-time low

This will serve as an open letter to Curtis Montague Schilling.

Dear Curtis,

Today, you opened your big mouth (), something that sports fans everywhere have become accustomed to. However, this time the idiocy that came out was worse than ever. Let me get this question out of the way immediately - why do you think that Jets fans are the same thing as Yankee fans? Lets go to the quote:

“The Yankees suck this year and (New Yorkers are) bitter and mad and they’re making excuses over that and now they got Tom (Brady) going down, so New York’s excited,” said Schilling while appearing on Boston’s WEEI radio network Tuesday. “It’s unfortunate, but when you crawl to the top of the pile you will have people trying to knock you down."
What an odd leap of faith you took there, Curtis Montague. You assume that because the Jets play with an "NY" on their helmet, and the Yankees play with an "NY" on their baseball caps, the fan base is one and the same? In case you forgot, there is another football team in NY called the Giants. You remember them, right? They are the team that made the record 18-1 famous and shocked the world by beating your butt-boy Tom Brady's Patriots in the Super Bowl last season. As a matter of fact, in a non-scientific poll that I took recently, there is a strong correlation between being a Yankee fan and being a GIANTS fan.**

I may be coming off a little bit "bitter and mad" here, but really, I'm just confused. Tom Brady goes, down with a knee injury, New York papers create catchy headlines about the injury and how it relates to the Jets and suddenly Yankee fans are bitter and mad? Don't you have a team to be playing for blogging about?

To conclude, I have to admit that I agree that a lot of Yankee fans are bitter and mad right now. When considering your asinine statements and the fourth place position in the AL East Standings, that is understandable. As a matter of fact, I started this blog to make fun of a lot of these "Yankee fans" you speak of who hold on to their nostalgic feelings from the 90's dynasty. I just don't understand how you connected that to Tom Brady's injury. Sadly, I may never know the answer to that question.



P.S Did kids in school make fun of you because your middle name was Montague? Isn't that a town in Long Island?

** I took no such poll, but I know a few people who are Giants fans and Yankee fans.

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Michelle1 said...

Ya know, as a Boston fan I was a little upset with the comments made by our beloved Curt and to be honest you were right on about NY fans and the helmet comment. However, I gotta tell ya, you blew your own credibility out of the water when you dogged Tom Brady and called hime a "butt boy"...SO typical of a New Yorker though, you NEVER know when to SHUT YA YAP!!! As an avid sports fan, it hurts to see ANY GREAT athlete go down...PS: Yes, the Giants deserved to with the Super Bowl because they out played the Pats but remember the Giants only decided to show up the last four games of the season. So SIMMA down skippy because Boston is still kicking your asses ALL across the board...

Ross said...

You are right, NYY Stadium Insider is no place to talk about gay sex. I take that comment back.

One question for you, Michelle - are you a fan of Dane Cook? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

The thing that bothers me about Schilling's comments is the assumptions are pretty narrow minded. I have come across Pats fans who are Yankee fans, Sox fans who are Giant fans, Met Fans who are Giant fans, Yankee fans who are Jet fans. Why is it that because you are from 1 city or root for a team from 1 city you are immediately connected with all other sport teams in that city?

I know so many Met and Yankee fans whose favorite football teams are across the entire country. As a Is schilling equating that all yankee fans are ranger fans?

Bottom line Mr. Irrelevant realizes nobody cares about him so he had to stir the pot and he wants to google his name and see new articles pop up. After all reading the same article about yourself gets old.

Anonymous said...

Just the typical inane comment that Curt "fake bloody sock" Schilling makes whenever he thinks what he has to say has any importance. It was better when he was toiling in obscurity in Philadelphia. Just go check out his blog "38pitches.com" to see what other moronic things he has to say. michelle1, nobody ever paid any attention to the Red Sox or their fans until this "Red Sox Nation" blather started about 8 years ago. Rooting for a team that failed for most of the last century makes you better fans than any other team's? No wonder Curt speaks for you.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with Tom Brady. Anyone who plays for a Boston team and sports around town with a NY Yankees cap is okay in my book! Curt Schilling has an incredibly big mouth and he really should think before he opens his comments on anybody. He is the one who is bitter...nobody wants him....not even Boston...

Erin said...

michelle your post on here alone proves ny's superiority... a little bitter that NY is always #1, so you're trolling NY blogs to comment? curtis, wasn't it the pats fans screaming "yankees suck" @ their superbowl parade? that sounds pretty bitter to me. Lest you forget, pats got crushed in superbowl 08 by a NY team and the other NY dominated the headlines in the offseason- so who's bitter? Wasn't ya boy brady walking around nyc w/ a yankee cap anyway? boston fans are bitter they can't be from NY or NY fans, and Curtis you're just bitter you could never play for the Yanks. don't be mad. we all want to be legendary, but you guys up there just don't have it.

michelle, go the bloodysock.com or w/e trash you lewzers up there read--I can hear your RETAHDED accent from here in HELL'S KITCHEN NYC

Curt said...

Ask Curt a question


Anonymous said...

please take your bloody sock and stuff it. I've never listened to such a cry baby before. Come back and pitch, then maybe you can complain some more about your sore neck, from watching all the homeruns over your head!

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