Friday, May 2, 2008

What makes you "the typical Yankee fan"

A couple of weeks ago, I touched on the "typical Yankee fan" (I'll spare everyone that creepy picture of the guy with the cigar).

Now, let me relay what I feel are the key aspects that make you "that guy".
(I am going to try to keep these timely).

1) You have already booed A-Rod this season - c'mon guys, that is so 2005
2) You booed LaTroy Hawkins for wearing "Paulie's" #21
3) You think that the reason the Yankees have been losing in the playoffs all of these years is because they didn't have "clutch" players like Scott Brosius (career OPS + of 94)
4) You honestly believe that a player who is a "homegrown" Yankee will help the team win more than a free agent or someone acquired via trade
5) You were still chanting "we want Bernie" last year
6) You have ever, in your life, uttered the words "Fire Torre" (in a serious manner). I didn't have a problem with people who wanted Torre replaced as the manager of the Yankees ( I was one of them), but certain people said "Fire Torre" in a certain way that made them the typical Yankee fan. Maybe this doesn't translate well on a blog.
7) Hank Steinbrenner is your hero
8) You wanted the Yankees to trade for Johan Santana in the offseason
9) You were at the game the other night and you booed Phil Hughes
10) Peter Abraham is your idol.

UPDATE (5/3/08 10:00 AM) - I can't believe I left out 11) You yell "take ya hat off" as soon as the PA announcer talks about rising and honoring America for God Bless America. We get it, you think we should honor our country. Everyone does it in their own way - it isn't your job to make everyone in the stadium take their hat off. Take a chill pill, dude.

(This list can go on and on. Please add more in the comments section)

I run into these people all of the time at games, on the internet, in the workplace, etc etc. I'm sure many of these people are smart, funny, friendly, etc etc. However, when they step into Yankee Stadium, the become that cigar guy.

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kaybli said...

-If you get into fistfights with Red Sox fans
-If you tried to impose your own morality on "Stray-Rod"
-Taking Mike and the Maddog as gospel
-feeling entitled to win a championship year
-having no patience with young pitchers
-calling the season a waste in April

ScottAtrocious said...

Ever using the term "True Yankee"

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