Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Terry Crowley is lucky he's in f*cking baseball" makes it on the air on YES

UPDATE (9:34 PM): Minor correction. This is still bad for YES, but it was not a producer, or anyone on the YES crew, apparently. It was Earl Weaver in the famous manager's corner clip as an anonymous commenter pointed out. Someone must have had it up on Youtube in the booth. Still embarrassing for YES, but not as bad. Thanks for the comments pointing this out to me! Scroll to :44 of this clip to hear what made the air.

Live, on the air, during the third inning tonight, John Flaherty and Ken Singleton were having a conversation about Orioles hitting coach Terry Crowley. All of a sudden, a disembodied and robotic sounding voice takes over the broadcast and you hear as clear as day "Terry Crowley is lucky he is in fucking baseball". Some other insults follow, including the teams that released him.

I suspect this was the producer meaning to talk in the ear of Ken Singleton, but it was somehow picked up on the hot mic. In any case, the smoking gun follows (WARNING - NSFW DUE TO LANGUAGE):

The awkward silence is AWESOME.

Look "Crow" wasn't a great player by any means, but he was about average as a part-time player. His career OPS+ was 104. I'm sure there are many coaches out there who were worse players.

I have a feeling the YES network will be apologizing to Mr. Crowley for this gaffe. Thats just uncalled for and sloppy broadcasting, even if it was just a YouTube clip playing.

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Anonymous said...

It would appear that the voice is none other than Earl Weaver. Watch this clip:

JimFlowers said...

It was simply the exact audio from that clip. Probably someone was watching it on Youtube or something.

You've never seen that clip before?! Wow.

the wayward o said...

glad you finally heard the famous earl clip for the first time.

btw. it was originally recorded as a joke.

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