Friday, May 2, 2008

Take ya hood off. Seriously

Rare occasion - I was at the game tonight. The following video chronicles the experience I had in my "assigned seats". I'm going to predict that yelling guy behind me had a cigar in his mouth.

Yeah Wang. C'mon Wang. AWWW Wang. I'm really sorry in advance for how annoying that was. Just think about if you had paid money to sit in front of that. It may not sound as bad on that video as it was in person. I get that you pay money to yell and cheer, but this was outrageous.

Anyway, the 7th inning stretch comes and another typical Yankee fan starts yelling "hats off" and "take ya hat off". Sadly, I am not wearing a hat, so I cannot oblige. However, I am wearing a hood, because it is about 45 degrees with a windchill in the 30's. Around a quarter of the way through God Bless America during the 7th inning Stretch, I hear "Take ya hood off". I thought I was imagining things. After all of these days of making fun of "take ya hat off" was somebody REALLY yelling at me to "take my hood off". After hearing it a few times more, I was convinced - someone was REALLY demanding that I take my hood off.

Guess what? I didn't take my hood off, and I proceeded to laugh hysterically for the rest of the inning. Take ya hat off guy has really progressed to "take ya hood off guy". What's next? "Take ya hairpiece off"? Sadly, I didn't have my cell phone cam to chronicle this experience.

Seriously, this is getting out of hand.

I'm going to miss the old Stadium. I feel like stuff like this won't happen in the new Stadium...

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Anonymous said...

Take your hat/hood off for the national anthem. God bless America is a song. Hat/Hood off is optional.
It reduces the significance of the national anthem to remove hats and do the hand over the heart thing in other songs.

NoHoods4Lyfe said...

Son, when I tell you to take your hood off, goddamnit you take your hood off! The next time I see you at a Yankee game with your hood on during God Bless America, I'm gonna..well, I'm probably gonna just yell "Take ya hood off" again.

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