Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm sad to say it, Yankee fans just aren't as into it as Red Sox Fans

Last night was the 4th game I attended this season. It was a crisp game, on a ridiculously chilly late May evening in the Bronx. The game was played in a reasonable amount of time, the pitching was good and the result was a New York Yankee victory.

The crowd was impressive (right around 50,000) but now to the negative - there was a distinct sense of apathy abound last night. Case in point - bottom of the 9th inning, A-Rod up with 0 outs and the winning run on first - the decibel level in the Stadium barely rose a notch. If this was Boston and ManRam was up, the New England Drunks Red Sox Fans would be chanting "Lets Go Red Sawx" and the atmosphere would be raucous. Not the case for A-Rod (and the at bat ended up being just as quiet as the crowd was with a strikeout).

I'll admit that the fans got riled up into a frenzy when Joe Girardi channeled Billy Martin with his hat-throwing tirade - who wouldn't? As soon as Joe G calmed down and exited stage right, the crowd was quiet again. Instead of jubilant enthousiasm about the impending walk-off hit that Robinson Cano was due to deliver, there was a nervous murmur throughout Yankee Stadium.

It was the 7th inning of a 1-1 game and the wave broke out. It was the bottom of the 9th and the crowd was quiet. So, I have to ask - have New York Yankee fans lost their swagger?

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Sam and Merril, Merril and Sam said...

That's because Yankee Stadium is full of tourists and business clients, not fans.

M-Rod said...

if there are two things out there that frost my butt, one is a sno-cone about 3 1/2 feet high and the other is that motherfu@king wave! maybe we need a song like that gay "Dirty Water" song the massholes play all the time

Anonymous said...

Yankee Stadium has been full of corporate clients for a long time. Why do you think Steinbrenner cut 5,000 seats out of the upper deck of the House that George built? If you want to sit with real fans you need to sit with the bleacher creatures. Or go to Wrigley or Fenway and hope that you team wins a Championship in your lifetime. 26 Championships. Let's admit Yankee fans are spoiled. Remember the 1918 chants? That is a couple of generations. Red Sux fans are so loyal that before their championship run they couldn't sell out their 34,000 seat Fenway Park.

M-Rod said...

i dont know about that bleacher creature comment. sure they are the loudest and most obnoxious (which is fine - i'm loud and obnoxious too) but saying they are the definition of real fans is horse shit.

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