Monday, May 28, 2007

Friday nights game was interesting...

So I went to the game way early for batting practice on Friday. It was a reaaaally steamy night. The Yankees bullpen sucked, and Ty Clip wasn't too good. But whatever. DeSalvo was booed loudly when he came off the mound. That's a real nice gesture by the fans. The guys first relief appearance of his career, he gets booed out of the place.

For some reason, the crowd was REALLY rowdy. I saw about 6 people ejected in my section alone, 5 of whome were in one party who got in an argument with some ladies. The argument was loud, and certainly wasn't appropriate for kids. That lasted about 20 minutes. IT was an annoyance and a distraction.

Then one drunk guy stood up and started declaring the Yankees were "a disappointment". He was extremely drunk. He started muttering obsceneties, and then started a fight with a fan who told him to quiet down.

I left early. I was in a bad mood, my girlfriend didn't feel well, and I was tired. I/ hate the Angels. THATS ALL.

This team needs to wake up before it's too late... And NO... It ISN'T too late. Maybe I'll post some pictures I took on Friday. Rocket goes again tonight. 5 PM EST on ESPNnews.
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