Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wow... 5/23 BP update and 5/23 game experience update

Wily Mo Pena of the Red Sox just hit one half-way up in the left field upper deck during BP. UNBELIEVABLE! Ross also got a ball thrown into the stands (see pic below). Good times.

Added later (by ross):

This game was definitely the best game so far of 2007 for me. The crowd was into it from the get-go, the Yankees did their job and then Mo came in with a lights out, strike out the side inning. There were a good number of fights in the stands which is always fun to gawk at. I'll never understand how someone gets into a physical fight over what team someone else roots for, but to each their own. I'd estimate that around 25-30% of the crowd was Red Sox fans. Sounds high, but tickets are easy to get for Yankee stadium because it is a big place.

Now, to post a question to anyone who reads this blog - what is up with girls in their 20's gravitating to baseball as RED SOX fans??? Was in the World series in '04 when all these chicks hopped on the bandwagon? Most of the girls that I would consider my age (in their 20's) at the game were Red Sox fans. How does this come about? If I was a die-hard Red Sox fan, I would be sickened by it. Do they adopt the New England accent and call then the "Sawx" as well? It really grinds my gears.

Sorry for the late update on this. I forgot about it until just now.
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