Friday, May 18, 2007

My prediction: no rainouts this weekend (Subway Series weather preview)

Unfortunately for the reeling Yankees, it looks like the heaviest, steadiest precip is staying over Eastern areas such as Long Island and Connecticut.

Here is what the National Weather service has to say about it:

"Focus of heavy rain will extend across east CT and
Long Island...with precipitation spreading west towards NYC. Latest WRF
and GFS guidance both indicate a sharp cutoff for precipitation that would
end just east of NYC.
Latest radar img shows area of precipitation over S New Jersey
which could clip NYC...but overall...feel precipitation west of a line from
Fairfield County Nassau County can be covered with chance probability of precipitation.

Strongest Omega and deformation zone lies over eastern New
will keep categorical probability of precipitation there...mentioning heavy rain at times."

It is gonna be cold tonight, but the game will be played. There may be some scattered showers, however. So, bring your warm clothes and hope the Yankees can pull some sort of miracle this weekend and get back into things.

Saturday will probably be the WETTER of the two games, believe it or not, but the rain will be more showery in nature and shouldn't threaten weather or not the game is played.

Be sure to check out the radars on the right side of this page to check the latest conditions before heading out.

UPDATE (4:42 PM): Radar indicates that all of the precip is off sure and over Eastern Long Island. Once again, the conditions won't even be CLOSE to ideal, but there will be baseball in Flushing tonight!
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