Sunday, May 6, 2007

Here is a day where is sucks to have a weekday plan (Rocket is returning)

As much as this guy is ALLLLL about the money and ALLLLL about the attention, it is going to be awesome to have him back. To have the Rocket man there to mentor Phil Hughes and possibly get him some of his 'roids (errrr I mean get him on his training regime) will be great.

I just hope he makes his return at Yankee stadium. Depending on how things fall, I think June 8th at home vs. The Pirates seems like a good date. I HIGHLY doubt they will try to rush him back for the June 1 game against the Red Sox but in his YES interview, Roger was indicating he would be ready for the end of May.

I'm also pissed off that I missed the dugouts and bullpens empty. I like the fire of Phelps and Proctor. As mediocre as I think Scott Proctor is, I like him as a 7th inning guy, especially with the fire and emotion he shows out there. Lets just hope his K/BB can get in the 1 + territory sometime soon. As for Phelps, he is a clear upgrade offensively over Minky, but the defense probably doesn't make him worth playing. At least Phelps looks like he wants to play unlike Craig Wilson (yea he was a Yankee) last year.

Well, I am still in Chicago, so I am going to miss tomorrow's game. Then on Tuesday, I have softball so I will miss that one. I am a pretty lame "Stadium Insider." Sorry about that.

I'll post some pictures from my Wrigley field experience sometime this week.
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