Monday, June 4, 2007

Stadium Insider (Ross) visits Mexico!

While the Yankees keep on teasing us with one day of impressive play but then letting us down the next, I am in sunny (well, it was rainy today) Cancun - Mexico. somehow knows I am in Mexico so when I am finished with this entry I have to click the "publicar entrada" button. Anyway, here is a nice picture of the view from one of the restaurants at my hotel (Me by Melia, Cancun).

Nick will be holding down the fort for Pettitte's start on Friday (hopefully the back spasms are better), so there should be a stadium entry after that one.

One funny note. The past two nights, the Yanks were on ESPN. Sunday night I had ESPN Sunday night baseball but there were Spanish graphics and some weird American guy giving intros and analysis each inning coming out of commercial. He would then "throw it back" to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. Of course, this Spanish version of ESPN showed completely different replays and showed completely different graphics. Most of the time when Joe Morgan and Jon Miller talk over graphics, I just tune them out and analyze the information myself (those guys are idiots to be kind). Unfortunately, they would be talking about a stat, and I would be seeing a promo on my screen for the futbol game between Denmark and Sweden on ESPN deportes the following day. Pretty furstrating, but beggars can't be choosy - I was watching the game while on vacation in Cancun.

Tonight, the game was TOTALLY in Spanish. Even though I didn't understand a word they were saying, they were still better to listen to than Joe Morgan. I learned for from them as well.

Ok, I have to get to sleep now. Long day of tanning ahead of me tomorrow!
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