Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bill Smith is #@*!ing Idiot


At one point he could have had a pitcher with an ace upside and an MLB ready center fielder plus another minor leaguer. Instead they traded away the best pitcher in the league for zero major league ready players and zero elite prospects. Unmitigated and dumbfounding stupidity.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Yankees Flex Plan? Season Ticket Upgrade? DON'T BOTHER

Well, there is a couple hours of my life that I will never get back.

Long story short - Yankees send out email about it "being my turn" to go and pick games if I want to add a 20-game flex plan to my account. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to, but I thought I'd check it out. An hour later, I was still trying to log into the ticketmaster system without errors. Once I was in the system, I kept on receiving unknown errors which I eventually realized were because I was selecting seat locations/games that weren't available. Unfortunately the system didn't inform me of that. Apparently this was some new system that the Yankees have implemented to allow for more streamlined ticket buying - mission failed. Needless to say, I didn't get a flex plan this year.

Today I got ANOTHER email from the Yankees with some more "good news"... My ticket upgrade request was received and I could call the 1-800 # provided to talk to a ticket representative about an upgraded seat location. For about an hour I called the number and when I chose to speak to a representative, a recorded message told me that all operators were busy helping other customers and to call back later. No option to hold, they simply hung up on me. Finally, I got through to a person and told him I wanted to talk about upgrading my seat location. Unfortunately, "their system was down" and he had to take down my name and number and call me back. An hour later I got a call back and they didn't have any better seats in my section. Glad I wasted an hour of my life with that fiasco.

So, the moral of the story here is good luck getting tickets for the general on-sale or any other Yankee-sponsored ticket buying opportunities. The supposed new system is busted and apparently the demand is far out-pacing the supply (obvious). I guess I shouldn't even bother mentioning the gruff response to any questions when presenting them to a New York Yankee ticket agent. Their goal in life is to get the customer off of the phone as quickly as possible, even if they are raising their ticket prices by 47%.

Silly me, I should just be happy that I am privileged enough to call myself a Yankee fan - right? Read the full post, after the jump

Friday, January 25, 2008

Breaking down the schedule - July - October (Part 2 of 2)

This is part two of my month by month breakdown. If you missed part 1, it is two posts below this entry.

Yankee 2008 Schedule


18 of 24 games at home
nearly 1/3 of the season series with Boston
All-Star Game at the stadium

Ross Says:WOW! Think there is enough interesting stuff going on in the Bronx in July? Lets hope that there is good weather, because there are going to be a TON of games and a TON of events. If the Yankees have dug themselves an early hole in the Division or Wild Card races, this will be the time to make up ground. Yes, 3 of the road games are in Boston, but this is DEFINITELY a favorable schedule. By looking at the schedule, the Yankees can spend 23 out of 31 days in July sleeping in their own beds in the Tri-State area (if they decided to spend the All-Star Break at home). This shouldn't be overlooked as it will be smack in the middle of the season and a great time to re-fuel for the stretch drive....


16 of 28 games on the road
2nd longest road trip of the season (10 games - Texas, LAA, MIN)
6 games against the pesky Angels within a 10 day stretch
3 more home games against the Red Sox

Ross Says: Oh boy, here comes the Angels games. Maybe Vlad's back will be acting up. Hopefully Scot Shields will continue last years suck-fest and Chone Figgins won't be Super-Chone. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely and the Yankees will continue to struggle against them. (3-6 in 2007, 4-6 in 2006, 4-6 2005+ loss in the ALDS, 4-5 2004). Those 3 home games against the Red Sox will be the last games the Red Sox play at the "old" Yankee Stadium (unless they meet in the postseason). Thats right, the Red Sox don't play ANY games at Yankee Stadium in September. Great scheduling.


15 of 25 games on the road
Final West coast trip of the season (including 3 more games against the Angels)
Final homestand at the "old" Yankee stadium
Last home game 9/21 1:05 PM vs. the Orioles (historic day)
3 games at Fenway to end the regular season

Ross Says: This is an interesting month because there is a long road trip, long home stand and then a final long road trip before (hopefully) the playoffs. September of 2007 was a pretty easy month for the Yankees. Don't expect the same in 2008. The ONLY pushover on the schedule is the Orioles (especially if they finally move Bedard and Roberts, which seems likely). I don't consider the Rays a pushover anymore with their recent moves, Seattle is up and coming and even the White Sox have been throwing money around. Ok, the White Sox are probably a stretch being that Ozzie Guillen is still their manager. I heard somewhere that he is going to incorporate bunts into the game plan even more than he already did before... Or maybe I didn't. In any case, this will be a memorable month in Yankee history win, lose or draw because of the final game at the stadium.

The fact that the season ends with three games in Fenway make things even more interesting. I really don't understand why the Yankees don't finish the season at home to close the old stadium. It would have made a LOT more sense to have the final 3 games of the season AT HOME against the Red Sox instead of on the road.


Yankees in 4 over the Mariners
Yankees in 7 over the Red Sox (A-Rod wins ALCS MVP)
Yankees in 6 over the Mets (A-Rod wins WS MVP)
Ticker-tape parade down the canyon of heroes

Ross Says: Thats what is going to happen folks. Mark it down right now. The Yankees will enter playoffs as the wild card after winning 93 games (pythag had them at 89 but for once luck was on THEIR SIDE). They will face the young Mariners in the first round and will take care of them in 4 games. There will be yet another epic ALCS between the Yankees and Red Sox, with the Yankees coming back from a 3-1 series deficit and winning in 7 ON THE ROAD in Fenway. It will later come to light that Curt Schilling will pitched through finger cramps (long blog entry on 38bitches.com did the trick) in game 7 as the Yankees finally exercise the 2004 demons on a game-winning HR by A-Rod. The Yankees will win the World Series at home with Chien Ming Wang throwing a gem and out-dueling the Mets ace (Johan Santana). Pedro will be in the Dominican chilling under a mango tree after his season ended early with another injury. Not fantasy at all people. This IS what will happen. Read the full post, after the jump

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where's Knobby???

So, apparently according to this news story, Chuck Knoblauch is nowhere to be found after being subpoenaed to appear in court. DK from the message boards created this fun little game:

(click to make it bigger and see the game in its full glory)

Also find

George Mitchell
Barry Bonds
Caricature of Bonds with a bat
A needle
A Weightlifter and a Weightlifter lifting a needle
Mr. Met about to spank a dog with a bat
Carl Pavano

Now, wasn't that fun? the government is on their steroid witch hunt, we're just going to hang out play "Where's Knobby"! Read the full post, after the jump

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What to look for in '08 and breaking down the schedule - April - June (Part 1 of 2)

Yankees 2008 Schedule

Some random things to look out for in 2008:

Jeter starting his decline?

The knee injury really sapped him at the end of last season. Lets hope he works out hard this offseason (banging Jessica Alba type chicks doesn't count Derek) and can continue at the peak of his game for a couple of more seasons

Jorge regressing to the mean?

Lets face it, his BABIP has been astronomically high the past couple of season (.389 in '07, while his career BABIP is .320). The good luck is bound to wear off sometime, right? The age is going to have to show eventually right? Lets hope not!

Will Mariano earn his keep?

I think we can ALL agree that Mariano's 3 year 45 million dollar deal was a bit absurd. The Yankee bullpen will be more reliant than EVER on a dominant Mo, so he better be ready to pitch like he is 28 instead of 38.

When will we hear the first boos for A-Rod since he became the 300 million dollar man?

I say April 2nd in the second game of the season when he strikes out in the bottom of the 8th with the Yankees down by a run and the tying run on second. Did I mention he hit a walk-off game-winning HR in the first game of the season?

Will Joba make a smooth transition to the rotation? Will innings pitched restrictions limit his impact on the team?

We all know he was unstoppable as the 8th inning bridge to Mo (except for when midges are present). In the minors his stuff was lethal even late in games and he had four nasty pitches. Will he retain the stamina and the stuff in the bigs? Cashman has already confirmed that there will be Joba rules II this year. We'll just have to see what effect they have on the team over the course of the season.

Will the Joe Torre haters be correct in their thinking that Torre was sapping the life out of the bullpen and will Girardi have the magic touch?

I can't pretend to know the answer to that question, but his early insistence that he will unlock the potential in Kyle Farnsworthless has me a bit concerned

This can go on all day, but one final thing to look out for this season - will we see a comeback from Bernaby Williams?

The late 90's nostalists out there are already starting the We Want Bernie, clap clap clap clap clap chants. I leave you with this picture recently posted on Peter Abraham's blog of a public appearance that Bernie was at:

Now, let me ask you, is that Bernie Williams standing next to Chi Chi Rodriguez or is it the new Yankee Stadium? Damn, Bernie has really let himself go. I think that about quells and rumors of Bernie ever stepping into the batters box again!

On to the schedule breakdown:

March -

1 @ home vs. Blue Jays

Ross Says: Interesting that they are starting at home in March. Maybe Bernie will make that comeback after all and wear his ski mask again (bonus points if ANYONE can find a picture of the snowstorm at the stadium on April 9, 1996 where Pettitte pitched and Bernie wore the ski mask under the hat. I can't find it anywhere on the interwebs).
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18 of 28 games on the road
EVERY game will be freezing cold temperatures except for maybe the final 2 games at home against Detroit
5 of the 19 season meetings with the Red Sox

Ross Says: April looks to be brutal - they get the Red Sox and Indians on the freezing cold road (the good news is that the midges don't like the cold so that hellhole Cleveland should be bearable as long as their isn't a blizzard). The only games that look to be comfortable for the Yankees or any fans are the 2 measly games in Tampa Bay the 2nd week of the season. two thirds of the games on the road. This is gonna be rough. I wouldn't be surprised if the Yankees get off to another "cold" start. The only good news is that they only have the one day off right after the home opener and then they play on 19 straight days. That should get them in their groove quicker.


16 of 28 games at home
6 home games vs. Seattle
The Mets come to the Stadium in the middle of the month

Ross Says: Also look out for Johan Santana's homecoming when the Yankees visit the Twins at the end of March. Phil has something to say about that: image. The good news is that the Yankees play something like 9 or 10 games against Baltimore between April and May. That team has no hope, especially if the rumors about Bedard being traded are true. The Yanks should beat down on them.


KC, HOU, CIN, PIT - some bad teams on the schedule
random 3 game road trip to Oakland squeezed between KC and Houston
3 game home set against SD

Ross Says: The Yankees better not label SD coming to town as "premium games". That is about their most interesting interleague matchup outside of going to Houston. Maybe a juiceless Rocket will suit back up for the Astros and make things interesting?

Check back for part 2 breaking down the 2nd half of the schedule. Please leave any comments you may have under this post or at the NYY Stadium Insider Message Boards. Read the full post, after the jump

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Witch Hunt Continues


"Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Henry A. Waxman and Ranking Minority Member Tom Davis released a joint statement on the rescheduling: "The Oversight Committee will postpone the hearing until February 13, 2008, which is after the sentencing of Kirk Radomski. The witnesses to be invited to the rescheduled hearing are Brian McNamee, Kirk Radomski, Andy Pettitte, Chuck Knoblauch and Roger Clemens. In preparation for the hearing, we will ask each witness to provide the Committee with a deposition. Postponing the hearing will provide additional time to coordinate the Committee's investigation with the Justice Department's ongoing efforts."


Right now Congresses' approval rating stands at a hearty 26 percent. Is it any wonder? Instead of concentrating on matters of national importance oh say the war, healthcare, education, the faltering economy, our representatives are looking into steroid allegations of Major League Baseball players from five years ago. On top of that, three of our Yankees will be forced to testify in front of Congress with no immunity. As if the Mitchell report wasn't an entire joke to begin with, now the American Public can get another circus act to feast its appetite for buffoonery on.

We're done being disgusted by all these steroid antics here at NYYSI. Instead, we're going to enjoy the entertainment, sit back, grab some peanuts, and laugh at all the clowns from afar. Read the full post, after the jump

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Mustache is Pimp


Congrats, Goose! You deserved it for a long time! Read the full post, after the jump

Monday, January 7, 2008

Deja Vu?

Andy Pettitte has retained Pittsburgh-based attorney Jay Reisinger, who famously represented Sammy Sosa three years ago, for his upcoming appearance before a congressional committee.


Could we see a repeat of Sammy's defense three years ago?

http://www.nyystadiuminsider.com/pettittehabla.jpg Read the full post, after the jump

Rocket vs. McNamee

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Clemens playing phone tap:

"For the life of me I'm trying to figure out why you told guys I did steroids," Clemens said to McNamee on the tape.

"I understand that," McNamee responded.

Over and over, Clemens makes statements like, "I just want the truth out there and like I said, I can't believe what is being said."

But McNamee never says that he lied to the Mitchell commission regarding Clemens' alleged steroid use. He does repeatedly ask what he can do for Clemens.

"I'm telling the truth and I want it out there," Clemens said, and McNamee responded, "Tell me what you want me to do. I'll go to jail. I'll do whatever you want."

At no point in the conversation does McNamee say that he would be willing to say that Clemens did not take steroids. It is not clear if McNamee knew the conversation was being taped.

McNamee, however, is obviously distraught in the profanity-laced conversation. Saying his son is sick and that he has no money, McNamee said, "I want it to go away. I'm with you in your corner ... but I also don't want to go to jail. It has nothing to do with you. I'd also like to sit down in person with you."

Clemens does not agree to meet, instead saying, "Just give me a little time."


Clemens is trying awfully hard to acquit himself here. Either he's innocent or one of the most diabolical baseball stars of the steroids era.

Read the full post, after the jump

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Clemens Agrees to Lie Detector Test?


One of the few revelations in the much-hyped 60 minutes interview came when Clemens was asked whether he could conceivably take a lie detector test.

"Yeah," he answered. "I don't know if they're good or bad."

Eighth on the career list with 354 wins, the 45-year-old Clemens told CBS's Mike Wallace he was angered McNamee's accusations have been accepted as truth by some.

"It's hogwash for people to even assume this," Clemens said. "Twenty-four, 25 years, Mike. You'd think I'd get an inch of respect. An inch."

Clemens said the descriptions McNamee gave Mitchell of injections "never happened." McNamee said Clemens asked him to inject him in the buttocks because Clemens did not like belly-button shots he presumably could inject himself.

"If I have these needles and these steroids and all these drugs, what, where did I get 'em?" he said. "Where is the person out there (who) gave 'em to me? Please, please come forward."

McNamee said he obtained the drugs from Radomski or Clemens supplied them.

"Why didn't I keep doing it if it was so good for me? Why didn't I break down? Why didn't my tendons turn to dust?" Clemens said.

McNamee told Mitchell he injected Pettitte with HGH in 2002. Pettitte issued a statement saying he took two HGH injections while rehabbing his elbow.

"I had no knowledge of what Andy was doing," Clemens said.

Asked why McNamee would tell the truth about Pettitte and lie about Clemens, Clemens said Pettitte's case was "totally separate."

"I was shocked to learn about Andy's situation," Clemens said. "Had no idea about it."


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JUICY update - Clemens sues McNamee for defamation

Discuss it here at the NYY Stadium Insider Message Boards

Read the full post, after the jump

Yankee Capo Drops Knowledge on Youngin'

Jacoby Ellsbury sleeps with the midges. Read the full post, after the jump

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hank Wants Santana But Hal Controls The Purse Strings

"Hank’s brother, Hal Steinbrenner, is just as powerful as a successor to their father, the principal owner George Steinbrenner, who is essentially retired. Hal Steinbrenner’s primary responsibility is to oversee the Yankees’ finances, and he is reluctant to add another huge contract."

"According to several people who have spoken to the brothers recently, that is the crux of the debate in the organization over whether to trade for Johan Santana of the Minnesota Twins. Both Steinbrenners want the team to keep winning. Hal Steinbrenner would try to do it with the existing payroll of roughly $200 million. Hank is more inclined to add Santana, largely to keep him away from the rival Boston Red Sox."

"I'm still leaning towards doing it," Hank Steinbrenner told the Associated Press. "There's others leaning not to do it. There are some others that are leaning to do it also. Disagreements within the organization. Nothing major, but just different opinions. I've changed my opinion a couple times."


Here's to Hal winning this battle.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Newsflash (not so much) Parking Rates to increase at the stadium

In the non-shocking news story of the day (man Yankee news is SLOW right now), parking rates will go up at the stadium this year, next year and probably every year. In other news, rents in NYC continue to rise, Metrocards keep on costing more money and Time Warner Cable just raised their rates.

C'mon guys, everyone knows the best way to get to the stadium:


MY question is - why hasn't the rise in ticket prices been a bigger story? In one of the first posts on this blog, I quoted the following piece of a Village Voice article on the new Stadium:

On average, baseball teams have hiked tickets by 41 percent their first year in new homes. A city economic study projected even greater sticker shock in the Bronx, with the average ticket rising to $57, from $28 currently. At that rate of increase, Bleacher Creatures would be paying $24 a pop to chant "Box seats suck!"

So, the average increase in ticket prices in NEW stadiums is 41%, yet the Yankees raised my tickets 47% in the final season of the OLD stadium? HUH?

THAT is a bigger new story people - NOT parking rates going up two dollars.

Be sure to discuss this and everything else in the NYY Stadium Insider Forums Read the full post, after the jump

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Foul Ball Tracker at Yankee Stadium?


With all of the hooplah about Hit Tracker Online lately, it has made me revisit some thoughts I have been having for years about FOUL BALL tracking.

As I sit at the 20-40 games per year that I go to, I often times keep rough tallies in my head of where the most foul balls go (by section). In my rough estimation, it seems that sections 6-10 in the Tier Box MVP and sections 7-11 on the other side get the most foul balls, but that is only because I am in the upper deck in section 1 and I can't see the lower decks.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to EVERY single home game for two straight seasons (a total of 162 games) and tally EACH and every foul ball to see once and for all which section statistically gets the most foul balls. I'm not sure where I would have to sit in order to gather this data, but I am assuming it would have to be somewhere in the bleachers with some binoculars. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure there even is a spot in the stadium that would have a view of every spot where a FOUL ball could be hit. I think two full seasons would be a large enough sample size, but I am not great with math, so I could be totally wrong.

Now, the money question - why the HELL would anyone want this information... Well, we all know that everyone secretly wishes to come home from a baseball game with a souvenir in tow- whether they bring their handy baseball mitt or not. I'm fairly certain that if I could statistically prove what sections in Yankee Stadium have a greater percentage chance of receiving a foul ball, it would help people in making a decision of where to buy tickets. C'mon we have all seen the little kid that is sitting in the upper deck clutching his baseball mitt making his mom and dad stay until the final out of a 13 run blowout just for the chance to get that last foul ball hit into the stands. If there was statistical information (NO GUARANTEES) breaking down which section has the best chance of getting a foul ball with righties on the mound, with lefties on the mound, with a right-hand dominant lineup, with a left-hand dominant lineup, with an offspeed pitcher on the mound, with a flamethrower on the mound it would have SOME value for SOMEONE.

Not sure if I could ever make money off of this idea, as I hardly think that I am the first one to think it up. Most likely the Yankees wouldn't want to get involved because they wouldn't want people to think that if they bought tickets in a certain section they were "guaranteed" to get a souvenir. Who might get involved? Possibly someone like Stubhub.com or another ticket reseller so they could improve the resale value of tickets that might have otherwise been undervalued.

I would love for readers of this blog and the message boards to provide feedback on this idea. Has it been done before? Is it a terrible idea? Would have ABSOLUTELY no value to do this? Would it be possible? Do you think this has some sort of monetary value to someone? Should I have not just posted it on a public blog for everyone to read?

Discuss it here at the NYY Stadium Insider Message Boards Read the full post, after the jump

A-Rod makes special appearance on Carson Daly's New Years Eve, Gets something thrown at him

I don't have video of this, but A-Rod made a special appearance on Carson Daly's new Years special at around 11:58 PM. Carson said it was a surprise. As he was being interviewed, someone threw something at A-Rod. It smacked A-Rod in the face (looked to be a ziplock bag), but A-Rod's master reflexes and ninja skills allowed him to catch it and toss it to the side. True story.

There is no truth to the rumor that the ziploc bag thrower was A-Rod hater Taz from the Pinstripes Plus message boards.

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Hopefully ringing in the New Year with A-Rod will somehow lead us to #27! Read the full post, after the jump
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