Thursday, January 3, 2008

Newsflash (not so much) Parking Rates to increase at the stadium

In the non-shocking news story of the day (man Yankee news is SLOW right now), parking rates will go up at the stadium this year, next year and probably every year. In other news, rents in NYC continue to rise, Metrocards keep on costing more money and Time Warner Cable just raised their rates.

C'mon guys, everyone knows the best way to get to the stadium:


MY question is - why hasn't the rise in ticket prices been a bigger story? In one of the first posts on this blog, I quoted the following piece of a Village Voice article on the new Stadium:

On average, baseball teams have hiked tickets by 41 percent their first year in new homes. A city economic study projected even greater sticker shock in the Bronx, with the average ticket rising to $57, from $28 currently. At that rate of increase, Bleacher Creatures would be paying $24 a pop to chant "Box seats suck!"

So, the average increase in ticket prices in NEW stadiums is 41%, yet the Yankees raised my tickets 47% in the final season of the OLD stadium? HUH?

THAT is a bigger new story people - NOT parking rates going up two dollars.

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