Monday, January 28, 2008

Yankees Flex Plan? Season Ticket Upgrade? DON'T BOTHER

Well, there is a couple hours of my life that I will never get back.

Long story short - Yankees send out email about it "being my turn" to go and pick games if I want to add a 20-game flex plan to my account. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to, but I thought I'd check it out. An hour later, I was still trying to log into the ticketmaster system without errors. Once I was in the system, I kept on receiving unknown errors which I eventually realized were because I was selecting seat locations/games that weren't available. Unfortunately the system didn't inform me of that. Apparently this was some new system that the Yankees have implemented to allow for more streamlined ticket buying - mission failed. Needless to say, I didn't get a flex plan this year.

Today I got ANOTHER email from the Yankees with some more "good news"... My ticket upgrade request was received and I could call the 1-800 # provided to talk to a ticket representative about an upgraded seat location. For about an hour I called the number and when I chose to speak to a representative, a recorded message told me that all operators were busy helping other customers and to call back later. No option to hold, they simply hung up on me. Finally, I got through to a person and told him I wanted to talk about upgrading my seat location. Unfortunately, "their system was down" and he had to take down my name and number and call me back. An hour later I got a call back and they didn't have any better seats in my section. Glad I wasted an hour of my life with that fiasco.

So, the moral of the story here is good luck getting tickets for the general on-sale or any other Yankee-sponsored ticket buying opportunities. The supposed new system is busted and apparently the demand is far out-pacing the supply (obvious). I guess I shouldn't even bother mentioning the gruff response to any questions when presenting them to a New York Yankee ticket agent. Their goal in life is to get the customer off of the phone as quickly as possible, even if they are raising their ticket prices by 47%.

Silly me, I should just be happy that I am privileged enough to call myself a Yankee fan - right?

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Anonymous said...

Hey don't feel bad. I actually got the flex plan. That was when, about 4-6 weeks ago? So I made plans and arranged my whole summer around these 20 games I was supposed to go to. Yesterday I find out that the Yankees have credited my credit card back for the money I spent (well, most of it). Apparently they can't fulfill the request. No particular reason given. Here's the kicker - it cost me $1297.00 and they only refunded me $1242.00. They're charging me a service charge!! THEY SCREW THE WHOLE THING UP AND THEY WANT TO CHARGE 'ME'!!! Know what I say? When they tear down the stadium they should lock everyone in who has anything to do with selling tickets. FUCK THE YANKEES!!!!!!!!

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