Monday, January 7, 2008

Rocket vs. McNamee

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Clemens playing phone tap:

"For the life of me I'm trying to figure out why you told guys I did steroids," Clemens said to McNamee on the tape.

"I understand that," McNamee responded.

Over and over, Clemens makes statements like, "I just want the truth out there and like I said, I can't believe what is being said."

But McNamee never says that he lied to the Mitchell commission regarding Clemens' alleged steroid use. He does repeatedly ask what he can do for Clemens.

"I'm telling the truth and I want it out there," Clemens said, and McNamee responded, "Tell me what you want me to do. I'll go to jail. I'll do whatever you want."

At no point in the conversation does McNamee say that he would be willing to say that Clemens did not take steroids. It is not clear if McNamee knew the conversation was being taped.

McNamee, however, is obviously distraught in the profanity-laced conversation. Saying his son is sick and that he has no money, McNamee said, "I want it to go away. I'm with you in your corner ... but I also don't want to go to jail. It has nothing to do with you. I'd also like to sit down in person with you."

Clemens does not agree to meet, instead saying, "Just give me a little time."

Clemens is trying awfully hard to acquit himself here. Either he's innocent or one of the most diabolical baseball stars of the steroids era.

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