Friday, January 25, 2008

Breaking down the schedule - July - October (Part 2 of 2)

This is part two of my month by month breakdown. If you missed part 1, it is two posts below this entry.

Yankee 2008 Schedule


18 of 24 games at home
nearly 1/3 of the season series with Boston
All-Star Game at the stadium

Ross Says:WOW! Think there is enough interesting stuff going on in the Bronx in July? Lets hope that there is good weather, because there are going to be a TON of games and a TON of events. If the Yankees have dug themselves an early hole in the Division or Wild Card races, this will be the time to make up ground. Yes, 3 of the road games are in Boston, but this is DEFINITELY a favorable schedule. By looking at the schedule, the Yankees can spend 23 out of 31 days in July sleeping in their own beds in the Tri-State area (if they decided to spend the All-Star Break at home). This shouldn't be overlooked as it will be smack in the middle of the season and a great time to re-fuel for the stretch drive....


16 of 28 games on the road
2nd longest road trip of the season (10 games - Texas, LAA, MIN)
6 games against the pesky Angels within a 10 day stretch
3 more home games against the Red Sox

Ross Says: Oh boy, here comes the Angels games. Maybe Vlad's back will be acting up. Hopefully Scot Shields will continue last years suck-fest and Chone Figgins won't be Super-Chone. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely and the Yankees will continue to struggle against them. (3-6 in 2007, 4-6 in 2006, 4-6 2005+ loss in the ALDS, 4-5 2004). Those 3 home games against the Red Sox will be the last games the Red Sox play at the "old" Yankee Stadium (unless they meet in the postseason). Thats right, the Red Sox don't play ANY games at Yankee Stadium in September. Great scheduling.


15 of 25 games on the road
Final West coast trip of the season (including 3 more games against the Angels)
Final homestand at the "old" Yankee stadium
Last home game 9/21 1:05 PM vs. the Orioles (historic day)
3 games at Fenway to end the regular season

Ross Says: This is an interesting month because there is a long road trip, long home stand and then a final long road trip before (hopefully) the playoffs. September of 2007 was a pretty easy month for the Yankees. Don't expect the same in 2008. The ONLY pushover on the schedule is the Orioles (especially if they finally move Bedard and Roberts, which seems likely). I don't consider the Rays a pushover anymore with their recent moves, Seattle is up and coming and even the White Sox have been throwing money around. Ok, the White Sox are probably a stretch being that Ozzie Guillen is still their manager. I heard somewhere that he is going to incorporate bunts into the game plan even more than he already did before... Or maybe I didn't. In any case, this will be a memorable month in Yankee history win, lose or draw because of the final game at the stadium.

The fact that the season ends with three games in Fenway make things even more interesting. I really don't understand why the Yankees don't finish the season at home to close the old stadium. It would have made a LOT more sense to have the final 3 games of the season AT HOME against the Red Sox instead of on the road.


Yankees in 4 over the Mariners
Yankees in 7 over the Red Sox (A-Rod wins ALCS MVP)
Yankees in 6 over the Mets (A-Rod wins WS MVP)
Ticker-tape parade down the canyon of heroes

Ross Says: Thats what is going to happen folks. Mark it down right now. The Yankees will enter playoffs as the wild card after winning 93 games (pythag had them at 89 but for once luck was on THEIR SIDE). They will face the young Mariners in the first round and will take care of them in 4 games. There will be yet another epic ALCS between the Yankees and Red Sox, with the Yankees coming back from a 3-1 series deficit and winning in 7 ON THE ROAD in Fenway. It will later come to light that Curt Schilling will pitched through finger cramps (long blog entry on did the trick) in game 7 as the Yankees finally exercise the 2004 demons on a game-winning HR by A-Rod. The Yankees will win the World Series at home with Chien Ming Wang throwing a gem and out-dueling the Mets ace (Johan Santana). Pedro will be in the Dominican chilling under a mango tree after his season ended early with another injury. Not fantasy at all people. This IS what will happen.
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