Friday, January 11, 2008

The Witch Hunt Continues

"Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Henry A. Waxman and Ranking Minority Member Tom Davis released a joint statement on the rescheduling: "The Oversight Committee will postpone the hearing until February 13, 2008, which is after the sentencing of Kirk Radomski. The witnesses to be invited to the rescheduled hearing are Brian McNamee, Kirk Radomski, Andy Pettitte, Chuck Knoblauch and Roger Clemens. In preparation for the hearing, we will ask each witness to provide the Committee with a deposition. Postponing the hearing will provide additional time to coordinate the Committee's investigation with the Justice Department's ongoing efforts."

Right now Congresses' approval rating stands at a hearty 26 percent. Is it any wonder? Instead of concentrating on matters of national importance oh say the war, healthcare, education, the faltering economy, our representatives are looking into steroid allegations of Major League Baseball players from five years ago. On top of that, three of our Yankees will be forced to testify in front of Congress with no immunity. As if the Mitchell report wasn't an entire joke to begin with, now the American Public can get another circus act to feast its appetite for buffoonery on.

We're done being disgusted by all these steroid antics here at NYYSI. Instead, we're going to enjoy the entertainment, sit back, grab some peanuts, and laugh at all the clowns from afar.
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