Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hasidic Jew day at Yankee Stadium (6-14-07)

Nothing against our friends in the old-school garb, but there was a ton of 'em at the Stadium today. Not sure if it had to do with it being a Thursday or a day game or what. All I know is that everywhere I looked there were whole families of Hasidic Jews. Very strange as there usually aren't very many at the games.

There were also a ton of elementary school class trips to the game, meaning the wave was inevitably started multiple times. It is so pointless that I don't even have anything remotely funny to say about it.

The crowd was so incredibly lame the entire game. The crowd didn't stand and cheer once and there wasn't one Lets Go Yankees chant. LAME.

I went to the game alone today since Nick is in the Bahamas and everyone else I know had work. It was pretty lame going to a baseball game by yourself - don't try it if you don't have to.

I got to the game early for batting practice by accident (the trains are much faster and less crowded for early day games than during rush hour - go figure) and went to my usual location in left field. During the entire BP, Juan Cruz of the Diamond Backs and some other DBack were throwing balls that went into left field up into the Upper Deck to the masses of screaming children. Everyone was loving it. I was indifferent to it until Juan Cruz threw a ball that was intended for the Upper Deck. Unfortunately, it hit the facing of the upper deck and came plummeting back down right to where I was standing. Out of instinct, I reached out my bare left hand to catch the ball. Long story short - I didn't catch the ball, the ball caught me - right on the tip of the left ring finger. It cracked my nail and bent my finger back. I didn't get the ball. Since I didn't want to look like a pussy, I just put my hand in my pocket for a couple of minutes hoping the pain would cease. It didn't, and all I accomplished was getting the pocket of my Yankees sweatshirt all bloody. I finally dropped the tough guy act and headed over to the nearest orange jacketed medic. I found a cute Latino girl medic who was glad to clean up my finger and wrap it up for me. At the end, she kindly told me "bring your glove next time". Great advice. Short, simple and to the point.

I think I am gonna take a break from heading to BP for a while. I have already gotten enough of those $8 balls and they really don't do anything for me anymore. Its not worth risking injury to stand out in left field with a bunch of yelping children begging for balls.

BTW - the Yankees won 7-1, the outcome was never in doubt. The Yankees have now won 9 straight and are only 7.5 games out of first place. I swear to you, I never gave up on the season. Wait, yes I did.
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