Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yankees to offer installment payment options for 2009 Season Ticket invoices

While I had a responsive member of the Yankee Stadium ticket operations team, I thought it would be helpful to the masses to inquire about payment options for their 2009 invoices.

I believe that the initial amount due upon receipt of the invoice will
be 10% of the total due and that there will be at least one or two
additional partial payment dates to follow. The option to pay in full
will certainly exist, and I think the number of payment dates will
depend largely on just how long it takes to make the seating
assignments. It's my understanding that payment on the smaller plans
(20 games and less) will be due in full as we don't anticipate having
those assignments completed until early '09.
Good news for people who want their Yankee tickets, but will be struggling to stay afloat this holiday season!

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