Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Concert for closing ceremony at Yankee Stadium canceled

This comes via the NY Daily News -

According to the Yankees Media Relations department, the team has decided against a concert on November 9 as part of a "closing ceremony".

What is not clear from this article is whether there will even be a closing ceremony. Former Yankees such as Joe Torre have voiced interest in attending such a ceremony and rumors have been running rampant that EVERY past Yankee player would be invited. As of now, those are simply unsubstantiated rumors.

Unfortunately, no date has been set nor has a closing ceremony even been confirmed. In addition, the Yankees have not set a dismantling date for the old Yankee Stadium.

UPDATE: AM New York was the first to report this, and they are saying that there will be no closing ceremony at all. Epic fail by the Yankees in their final season at the old Stadium. I can understand though, being in the stadium on a regular basis as a season ticket holder gave me a "good riddance" feeling toward the old Stadium. I can only imagine what it felt like to the people who had to work there.

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Joe said...

I heard over at slidingintohome that the entire ceremony was cancelled

Anonymous said...

They closed the stadium the "right" way already. Anything besides a GAME would be ridiculous.

Ross said...

Joe - I actually update that part this morning via the AM NY article than ran today. said...

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