Monday, June 9, 2008

Peter Abraham gets exposed by as the wacko that he is

UPDATE (6/10, 3:00 PM): Abraham has provided the following to
Mr. Abraham writes, “As I informed NoMaas, it wasn’t me. It was somebody impersonating me. It’s happened on a few Yankees blogs. I think it’s somebody who was banned from my blog for posting assorted obscene words.”
Since the Tubster probably has his job at stake here, I would take what he says with a grain of salt. Classic case of he said-she said. I certainly wouldn't put it past him. Read the original story below.

Since doesn't have direct links to their posts, I will have to copy/paste this one. It is just too good for words:

06.08.2008 Somebody doesn't like NoMaas (and seems to be a little off his rocker)

We've put many, many hours of work into our site since we launched in May 2005. We try to bring a unique blend of insight, comedy, and analysis to our loyal visitors. When we recently launched our draft blog, we thought it would be a great resource for fellow draft-geeks to follow the many different storylines which surround these new prospects. But apparently, not everyone is a fan of our efforts.

In one of his first draft blog entries, NoMaas minor league correspondent Lane Meyer received the following comment from a user named "Interested Reader":

Interested reader Says:

June 4th, 2008 at 7:54 pm
No offense, “Lane” but you won’t even use your real first name on the information you provide. Yet you are presented as some sort of expert.

What credentials do you have?

It’s hard to trust anything on the internet, much less from somebody who’s pretending he’s a character in a cheesy movie. (Source)

And then a few entries later, Lane Meyer received another comment from "Interested Reader":

Interested reader Says:

June 5th, 2008 at 4:01 pm
Schooled by LoHud. Ha. (Source)

These comments sounded a little suspicious to us, so we decided to do a little bit of research. We cross-referenced the IP address used by "Interested Reader" with the IP addresses of posters on our message board (accounts are email address verified). And wouldn't you know, our CSI:NoMaas team found a match. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Journal News' Peter Abraham.

Apparently, Peter goes out of his way to post messages on our draft blog in an attempt to discredit our work. Hey, that's fine. When you publish your opinions on the internet, you are fair game to criticism. It comes with the territory. We receive plenty of feedback from visitors who disagree with us. We think that's great.

We just find it highly amusing that a Yankees beat writer is fixated on a site run by a small group of fans with full-time jobs and who run NoMaas as a hobby. It's also odd for Peter to critique our anonymity, but then post inflammatory comments under an alias.

You're a weird guy, Pete. Very weird.
We all know that I have had a few run-ins with the wacky fat man. However, this is the most DAMNING evidence yet that the man is truly not stable. If I were the upper management at The Journal News in Westchester, I would definitely be a bit concerned. However, his blog is getting advertising from Strip Clubs left and right, so he is putting food on their plates (when he isn't scarfing it down before they get a chance to touch it).

On another note, when I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, this guy was my dealer while playing Rapid Roulette. I felt pathetic whipping out the camera phone, but tell me this isn't Tubby Abraham's long lost twin brother???

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