Friday, March 30, 2007

The New Yankee Stadium... 2009

There's a nice rendering of the new Yankee stadium that will open in 2009. A bunch of Yankee bloggers jacked a full-size version of that from my website last month and started posting it all over the internet. It was a 5.7 MB file and I was getting hits from every Yankee message board and blog on the internet. Thanks for stealing my bandwidth, boys. If you see a punch of posts/ blog entries about the new Yankee Stadium and that poster, and see a little blue question mark (representing a dead link) that is because I pulled the file down. Can't people host their own images???

Anyway, about the new Yankee Stadium. A lot of people are envisioning having trouble letting go of the "old" Yankee stadium. I am just looking forward to not having to wait 2 innings for a Yuengling at "Beers of the World" inside the corridor of Tier 1, not having to wait 1 inning to relieve myself in the restroom in Tier 1 and not having to wait in line for 3 innings for a dinner consisting of rubbery chicken fingers and soggy french fries at the food court inside Tier 3.

Trust me people, the "mystique" and "aura" that we all love to dream up will follow us to the new, modern building that we see in the rendering above!
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