Thursday, December 10, 2009

Want To Know Which Games Are In Your 2010 Yankees Season Ticket Plan? There's A Blog For That

Is it a coincidence that the winter meetings always occur right around the time that season ticket payments are due? It probably is, but it ends up being perfect timing for retaining waffling season ticket licensees. It seems unlikely that a hardcore season ticket holder would drop their plan after the Yankees signed CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeria, or made a blockbuster trade for Curtis Granderson.

In any case, the installment payment option for 2010 Yankees season tickets is due today (December 10), so if you want to spread out the agony, be sure to make your first payment as soon as possible. Just in time, the schedule of games included in each plan has been released by the team.

2010 New York Yankees Season Ticket Plan Grid
DateTeamDay4120 #120 #215 Fri +15 Sat +15 Sun +12 #112 #211
4/14LAAWed X X
4/15LAAThuX X
4/16TEXFri XX
4/17TEXSatX X
4/18TEXSun X X
4/30CWSFriX X
5/1CWSSat X X
5/2CWSSunX X
5/3BALMon X X
5/4BALTueX X
5/5BALWed X X
5/14MINFriX X
5/15MINSat X X
5/16MINSunX X
5/17BOSMon X X
5/18BOSTueX X
5/19TBWed X X
5/20TBThuX X
5/28CLEFri XX
5/29CLESatX X
5/30CLESun X X
5/31CLEMonX X
6/1BALTue X X
6/2BALWedX X
6/3BALThu X X
6/11HOUFriX X
6/12HOUSat X X
6/13HOUSunX X
6/15PHITue X X
6/16PHIWedX X
6/17PHIThu X X
6/18NYMFriX X
6/19NYMSat X X
6/20NYMSunX X
6/29SEATue X X
6/30SEAWedX X
7/1SEAThu X X
7/2TORFriX X
7/3TORSat X X
7/4TORSunX X
7/16TBFri X X
7/17TBSatX X
7/18TBSun X X
7/20LAATueX X
7/21LAAWed X X
7/22KCThuX X
7/23KCFri XX
7/24KCSatX X
7/25KCSun X X
8/2TORMonX X
8/3TORTue X X
8/4TORWedX X
8/6BOSFri X X
8/7BOSSatX X
8/8BOSSun X X
8/9BOSMonX X
8/16DETMon X X
8/17DETTueX X
8/18DETWed X X
8/19DETThuX X
8/20SEAFri X X
8/21SEA - (OTD)SatX X
8/22SEASun X X
8/30OAKMonX X
8/31OAKTue X X
9/1OAKWedX X
9/2OAKThu X X
9/3TORFriX X
9/4TORSat X X
9/5TORSunX X
9/6BALMon X X
9/7BALTueX X
9/8BALWed X X
9/20TBMonX X
9/21TBTue X X
9/22TBWedX X
9/23TBThu X X
9/24BOSFriX X
9/25BOSSat X X
9/26BOSSunX X

For 41 game plan holders like ourselves, this slate of games is a thing of beauty. Five games against Boston, three games against the Angels, two games against the Mets, one game against the Phillies, and Old Timer's Day. If you are a reseller, those twelve games will pay for the entire plan, and the rest of the games are playing with house money.

Hopefully, the Yankees upgrade our crappy seats, or we may have to take advantage of the secondary market. After buying a beautiful new 50 inch plasma, crappy stadium food and mediocre views are no longer the draw that they were in the stadium's first season.

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