Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Yankee Stadium and Minnesota's Target Field Have Some Striking Similarities

While the new Yankee Stadium is an absolutely picturesque structure, it is also known to be generic in the architectural world. This has never been more evident than in a photo making the rounds on the web, showcasing the upper deck of Minnesota's brand new Target Field:

(hat tip to NYY Fans "Out Of Play" Forum)

Hmmmm... Does that photo look familiar? Here is a similar photo of the new Yankee Stadium:

Hardcore baseball stadium aficionados have long despised HOK Sport Venue Event (now apparently known as Populous architecture) because of their generic seating design. It just so happens that this company worked on the design of Yankee Stadium and Target Field.

Upon our first trip to the new Yankee Stadium, it was immediately reminiscent of Citizen's Bank Park (another HOK venture), but it didn't really bother us too much. In fact, this is probably the only way to design an upper tier so it can accommodate wide concourses throughout.

Still, we have a feeling that hardcore Yankee traditionalists aren't going to be pleased when they catch wind of the similarities between Target Field in Minnesota and the mystique and aura-filled Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.
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