Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ross and I attempt to witness history!

And we did really. Just not the history we hoped, and anticipated. A slickly dressed Ross and I spent all of A-Rod's at bats in the fracas down the left field line, where even those from other sections were allowed to dwell in hopes of catching A-Rod's milestone blast. The fans in that section may not have been rewarded with A-Rod's blast, but fireworks were certainly on display as the Yankees routed the ChiSox, hitting 8 dingers, tying a franchise record. See? History.

It really was a fun night. The camera flashes during A-Rod's AB's were blinding. The energy during his AB's, and during the whole game was electric. Ross commented that going to games would be so fun if A Rod was on the brink of a milestone every game. I couldn't agree more. I'm just hoping he gets this one out of the way soon, as the Yankees continue their march towards the playoffs.... 3 back, 2 months to go. Sweet!

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