Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh yea, I meant to mention - I didn't catch A-Rod's 500th HR

It wasn't for lack of trying though!

Last week I went to the games on Tuesday and Friday. A-Rod had 5 ABs each game, never really coming close to the HR.

I even ditched my usual upper deck seats and sat down in the left field corner so I could have easy access to the left field HR territory. For once, the Yankee stadium security guards were cool and they let people convene in the left field corner to try to grasp a piece of history.

Here is where I was standing for all 10 of his ABs that I was in attendance for last week:

Why is that significant?

Well, I was standing there in his LAST AB on Friday night. Guess where he hit #500 in his FIRST AB on Saturday? Yup, you guessed it - right where I was standing on Friday night.

Thats my life story folks!

BTW - The Yankees romped as usual both games last week and there was a funny Asian woman sitting next to me on Tuesday night singing that "Bad Day" song from American Idol that was being played to accompany a bloopers video. She was so into the song. It was classic. On Friday night, I sat next to an Asian GUY (I am assuming he was from Taiwan). He was taking all sorts of pictures of Wang and was really having a good time. The Yankees have such an international fan base.
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