Monday, February 1, 2010

How Fast New Becomes Old... Yankee Stadium

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Yankee Stadium? Is it off-blue seats, the blacked out section in centerfield, the steep overhanging upper deck and an impossible to match 26 world championships?

Probably not.

Perhaps it was the calendar's progression into January, but sometime in the past week we realized that "Yankee Stadium" is now completely associated with the oversized HD video board in centerfield, the pristine navy blue seats, standing room views from behind home plate, copious unimpressive food options and thankfully, championship No. 27.

As great as the Yankees' 2009 season was, the awareness that the vivid memories of the "original" Yankee Stadium will only continue their advance into the depths of our subconscious is a bit disturbing.

The "House That Ruth Built" is still standing, reminding us of those memories, but the only people entering that sacred ground are construction workers slowly tearing down what took years to build.

It is unbelievable how many enduring and special moments we were exposed to during the inaugural season of the "new" Yankee Stadium in 2009. Let's face it - we're spoiled. But still, thinking back to the great season that ended nearly three months ago it all seems so surreal.

This blog is still named "New" Stadium Insider and the structure is still less than a year old. However, when we walk through Babe Ruth Plaza and enter through Gate 6 on April 13 we'll be walking into the only Yankee Stadium that will exist during the rest of our lifetime. The novelty and gimmick is gone. The structure sitting on the former site of Macombs Dam park is here to stay and will continue to be the home to life-altering memories for a new generation of Yankees fans for years to come.

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