Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yankees Sneak In a Price Increase On Bleacher Seats For 2010 Partial Plan Season Tickets

Way back in September, the Yankees put out a press release, bragging about 2010 prices remaining the same (or getting cheaper) for most season ticket holders. At the time, they made it very clear that the release was referring to FULL SEASON ticket holders. Unfortunately, some partial plan ticket holders who misread that release are receiving their invoices and with it a surprise - higher prices.

As of now, the only confirmed higher prices are in the bleachers. In 2009, bleacher prices were $12 for season ticket holders (partial or full) and $14 in advance. In 2010, bleacher tickets will remain $12 for full season ticket holders, but for partial plans, the price will increase to $14 per seat. This is only a $2 increase, but if you have 4 seats in a 41 game plan, your invoice will be $328 more than expected.

This price increase shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The bleachers are without a doubt, the best value in the entire stadium. The views from the new bleachers, combined with having access to the rest of the stadium make them a better option than most of the upper deck seats. Even at $14, partial plan ticket holders in the bleachers should be thankful they have the seats. Many people (like us) would do anything to trade their crappy seats in the upper deck for the cheaper and better seats in the bleachers.
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