Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dismantling of the old Yankee Stadium set for March 15, old Stadium Tours over

I don't typically link articles, but since this is the quiet season for NYYSI, I will link to this piece by the NY Daily News about the final tour at the old Yankee Stadium being given. It is a must read due to the buzz word "nostalgia" in the article. Nostalgia? Yankees? Yankee Stadium? No way.

No word on when the tours of the NEW Stadium will begin, but I would assume there won't be too much of a delay after the new digs are complete. That is free money and the Yankees are a money-making machine. This article cites March 15 as the start date for demolition of the old Stadium, which flies in the face of information that blog nemesis Peter Abraham mentioned a couple of days ago.

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