Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank You For Reading - Now Spread The Wealth And Check Out Some Of My Favorite Yankee Blogs

Let me start out this post with a humble and sincere thank you to the readers of New Stadium Insider. The emails that I receive from "fans" of the blog, encouraging me to keep doing what I do really mean a lot to me.

As many of you have noticed, my posts are typically written utilizing the "royal we." In addition to being my writing style, it also means something to me. It means that we, as Yankee fans, are all in this together. You may not agree with my opinions at all times, but the goal of this blog since day one has been to share the every day experience of the Yankee season ticket holder with other Yankee fans, and with the public in general. We (Yankee fans) are the reason that this website exists, and the reason that the franchise exists. We can't lose sight of that.

This month, New Stadium Insider received over 103,000 page views - the first time we have ever broken the six-figure mark. I don't have the perspective to compare this to many other blogs, but River Ave Blues just made it public that they had over 900,000 page views this month. If River Ave. Blues "only" has 9 times more page views than us, we are doing something right. That being said, the blogoverse has been extremely kind in linking to us the past year, getting our stories out there, and allowing us the opportunity to reach all of you. For that reason, I thought that it would be nice to share my current favorite Yankee blogs, and then list ALL of the Yankee blogs on my RSS Reader (after the jump). If I leave anyone out, and you know that I should have included you, please accept my most sincere apology and feel free to yell at me in the comments section, or via email.

Every day, must read Yankee fan blogs

River Avenue Blues - Ben Mike and Joe have built up a website that has quickly become the leader in the Yankee blog clubhouse. Quality should always come before quantity, but they are among the leaders in both. If I could only read one Yankee blog per day, this would be the one.

It Is About The Money, Stupid - Jason over at IIATMS knows what this sports is all about - money. Somehow, he always uncovers an angle to things that hasn't been covered yet, usually involved money. This isn't a full-time job for Jason, but with the quality of his content, you would think it was. Another must read for Yankee fans, or baseball fans in general.

Fack Youk - A relative newcomer to the Yankee blog scene, but Fack Youk (especially Jay) comes with hard-hitting, no nonsense commentary on the Yankees, mixed with some pop culture. If you haven't heard of Fack Youk yet, you should head right over and start reading it daily.

Replacement Level Yankees Weblog - Statistical analysis that you can often find elsewhere, but didn't have the knowledge or the time to look up. I continue to learn new things by reading RLYW every day.

It Is High, It Is Far, It Is... Caught - How they come up with some of the stuff they come up with is beyond me. Much of the stuff is laugh out loud funny, and sometimes I feel like the writers might be comedy writers working incognito (see: FJM [RIP]).

Bronx Banter - Alex Belth and Cliff Concoran are professionals now for a reason. Not only great analysis of the Yankees, but Alex really paints a picture with his words, and often makes you think about things that you wouldn't have otherwise thought about.

Was Watching - Love him or hate him, Steve has strong opinions. If you want to get all riled up about the Yankees, this should be your first stop

Subway Squawkers - They used to be an official Daily News Yankee blog, but then they went solo. Nothing like seeing a Yankee fan and a Met fan banter back and forth. Lisa (the Yankee fan side of things) does some great reporting at times and seems to believe (like me) that just because you have a Yankee blog doesn't mean you have to aggregate all of the current Yankee news. A great read every day.

- I am almost tempted to leave them off this list because they don't have linkable posts, meaning they technically aren't a blog. Since they are an O.G in the Yankee website game, they are on the list. They really paved the way for photoshoppers like our very own Kaybli, and their draft coverage is top notch.

Pinstriped Bible
- Steve Goldman is another amateur gone pro, but his statistical Yankee analysis is second to none.

3:10 To Joba - Great blog name, and regularly come through with Deadspin-esque humor in their posts. They also do some great interviews that are worth reading.

Not Every Day, But On Some Days

This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes - Rebecca is a great writer.

Sliding Into Home - Greg is always on top of the latest Yankee news and notes. More updates to his blog than most

Scott Proctor's Arm - Andrew wears his heart on his sleeve and really lets his passion show on his weblog.

The Chuck Knoblog - Charlie will come through with some hilarious photoshops, lists, and other light-hearted humor. With a name like The Chuck Knoblog

Past A Diving Jeter - Extremely new to the scene, but lots of potential. Picture Fire Joe Morgan, but with only Yankee stories. He might burn out fast, but for now, it is great and fills a niche.

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